And So I Miss My Old Life…

Yeah! Sure! I love my life now. With a seven month old cute baby who keeps my life happy and bright and sunshiny with just her toothless grin – who could ask for more right?

But I miss my old life. I miss hanging out with friends on a Friday night – dinner, movie or videoke. I miss receiving tweets or messages from friends on a weekend asking for an impromptu food trip, and actually say YES! I miss watching comedy skits with the sashals followed by a quick visit to the cafe. I miss buying clothes! How how I miss buying clothes and shoes and bags without feeling guilty if I splurge too much on a pair of high heels. And yes! I so miss my high heels! I miss walking in a 5 inch stiletto just because I could and because it’s damn perfect for the pair of jeans I’m wearing. I miss being able to squeeze myself on a tight bodycon dress and actually look good and feel good about myself. I miss the beach. I miss travelling. I miss the random staycations. I miss my bi-monthly foot spa and body massage. I miss my old body. I miss watching movies, well actually, I miss watching movies on a movie house on its first day of screening.


These days, I feel like I’m leaving under the rock.

It’s a Friday and my officemates are all out either having dinner or having dinner and booze. While I am here typing away. While I’m here thinking of the fastest way to get home because I am sure my little darling is waiting for me.

A friend was inviting me for a food trip in Kapitolyo. I declined of course because I have milk stash to bring home and is afraid to get spoiled. Plus, I am not sure if my stash at home would be enough for the baby until 12MN. Oh heck! I can’t even stay until midnight. Because I am so sure that I’d go home to a wailing baby looking for her Nanay.

But I am happy! I really am. No words could ever describe how happy I am right now. I think it’s the kind of happiness that only fellow mum could understand. The kind happiness that you feel deep within.

It’s just that… You know! I’m a human being who wants to go out sometimes. Hay! So yeah! It’s just me doing my random musing. And yeah! I need to cut it short because I have to go home now. :)

Have a happy weekend my loves!

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