Baby Food Recipe: Pumpkin Pancake

#FabSkye doesn’t like being spoon fed anymore. So my purees are no longer wanted. Huhu.. She prefers Apple Doughnut, banana, or anything that she could grab and eat. Hence, the decision to finally try BLW. So yeah! We are forced to do BLW because that’s how the baby wants to eat these days.

Because I still want her to eat healthy food, I make sure to prepare something that she could grab.

At dahil alam nyo naman ako, isa akong Kitchen Idiot, it’s a challenge to actually come up with something healthy for her. So I tried Pumpkin Pancake. That’s my imbento recipe. Harhar! Hindi gaanong successful kasi hindi ko nabuo ang pancake pero keri na! Nakain naman ng bagets.


Recommended Age:

7 months and up (or when you got your go signal from the pedia that it’s okay to try egg)


What You Need:

1 cup squash/pumpkin, peeled and cut into cubes
2 egg yolks
Olive Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil
Baby Bullet with Baby Blend Blade or any blender/food processor


How To Prepare:

1. Boil or steam the squash until tender or soft. Use distilled water in boiling/steaming.
2. Puree the puree squash/pumpkin using the baby bullet or food processor until smooth.
3. Add the eggyolks and continue blending until smooth.
4. Heat the pan and put oil (preferrably olive oil or virgin coconut oil, I use VCO).
5. Pour a small a small amount of the mixture and fry like a pancake!

Tadah! I was able to make 3 small pancakes. Dalawa nadurog and the last one was perfect. Pero sunog. Hahahahaha!

So how was it? Ze bebe lala find it, okay lang. Hahahahaha! :) She didn’t really love it, LOVE it. But she was able to finish one and a half pancake. I don’t know what’s wrong with this recipe though. I am posting this in the hopes that my fellow mums could help me improve it! Desperate mummy here! Hehehehe..

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