Pretty in Hello Kitty Dress

Pink Hello Kitty from Ninang Rooksie | Purple Cloth Diaper | Pink and White Socks from Tita Issa

Hello! Hello! How are you? This is the #FabSkye once again. From now on, I’ll be posting my #OOTB or Outfit Of The Bebe. I tons of pictures on my Nanay’s hard drive. Promise. But she just can’t post them. She keep on saying that she’s busy but she always sleeps when I sleep! Though I can’t sleep properly at night these days. Still on the teething stage you know. But hey! I didn’t tell her to stay up all night watching me.

Where are we again? Oh my! I think I’m like my Nanay now. Blabbing non stop. Oh yeah! About my #OOTB, so here’s me a couple of months back sporting the pink Hello Kitty dress gifted to me by my Ninang Rooksie. She gave it to me as a baby shower gift. :) Such a sweet Ninang.

Anyway, I love this dress. Very presko. And though my cloth diaper’s already peeking, I can’t help but wear it again and again. This is the perfect blend of cuteness and comfort. That’s why I love my Ninang Rooksie!

Nanay paired it off with my cute pink socks from Tita Issa. I don’t really like wearing socks. I would just let Nanay force me into wearing one but would remove it the minute she looked away. I don’t like socks really. Well, I love to eat my socks but to wear them? Na-ah! They are better chewed than worn, me believes. Hehehe!

There you go! I’ll post some more old photos of me for your viewing pleasure very soon okay? For now, I’m off to dreamland.



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