Mummy Finds: Carter Onesies

I am such a prudent mum. This came as a surprise to me actually. Before being a mum myself, I always thought that I’ll be a super shoppingera mum. Imagine my horror when I learned that I’ll have a baby girl. Sa isip ko, patay ang finances ko!

But I realized that motherhood would really change you. I am now a proud prudent mum. The type of mummy who won’t buy every single thing available on the baby shop but would check and decide if such is really needed. I even find myself telling the sister off for wanting to buy every single baby dress on IG. I don’t want her to spend so much on baby clothes. I’d rather request for something Skye would really need.

Yep! This fashionista mummy doesn’t want to buy her only baby girl too much baby dresses. Why?!

(1) Because I received a lot of hand me downs from a friend. She gave me nice baby dresses. And I believe that there is nothing wrong with making my baby wear the same clothes over and over again. I can’t apply to her my “wear something once a month only” rule. Coz hello?! If I did that, she’ll end up wearing her clothes just once! Babies grow so fast! It’s crazy! Which lead up to…

(2) Because babies grow up too fast! I don’t want to spend on something that she could only wear when we are going out. That’ll mean she’ll end up wearing them minsan lang. Ayoko! Sayang pera.

(3) I’d rather spend on baby onesies. Yep! I’d rather buy baby onesies than dresses because they are much comfy. And I can make Skye wear her onesies at home as well. Mas magagamit ang damit. Her pambahay onesies are all bongga. Akala nga nila araw araw may lakad ang bagets.

So finding these Carter onesies at SM was heaven sent…


I got these on sale! Hence the hoarding. Nice prints right? And I’d just make her wear cute headbands and we’re off. Maganda na. She’s a baby anyway.

I love them because they are presko. The cloth is perfect for Philippine weather. And not too tight. I love also that it’s short sleeved making it perfect for malling. Actually, very particular talaga ako sa tela. they should be soft and presko and nice and made of cotton. These for me is a great buy. Sale pa! :)


  1. michisoleeAugust 30, 2014

    I love hand me downs kaso di ko naexperience yan so I have to buy all the clothes. I love onesies too, I bought Monday to Sunday onesies before so parang uniform. hehehe! Mas type ko din because it is really comfy.

  2. reigningstillAugust 30, 2014

    Saya ng hand me downs! :) swerte also if it came from fashionista mummies. Almost all of Skye's dresses are hand me downs.

  3. I think hand-me-downs are very practical because babies grow very fast, so they still look nice and new.

  4. I love onesies, they are uber practical and very fashionable din sa baby. halos lahat ng damit ng babies ko is onesies and a pajama or shorts. :)

  5. My eldest didn't have to buy a single piece of clothing until he was 7 years old. Our friends just passed on to us all of their children's clothes, shoes, socks, soccer gears, etc. Umabot pa nga sa middle child namin, hihi. But now, we need to allot a budget for shopping. Mukha na silang mga yagit, heeheehee

  6. Ako naman I started thinking I'll be frugal and won't buy much. Turned out the opposite. Buti dami kagad magmamana. And we're lucky too because family and friends give her lits of clothes and shoes so I don't need to shop fir a lot (even if I want to). Haha

  7. I have two girls who are now 12 and 11 years old. I also didn't like spending too much on clothes when they were younger but whenever I did okay lang din. Sulit naman coz there are two of them who will be able to use the clothes. :) And I agree with the onesies. They're very convenient and comfy for baby too.

  8. Onesies are just adorable!

  9. I love onesies too, pwedeng pang alis pambahay at pang mainit na panahon!:) nice onesies you got there!:)

  10. cute onesies! having a girl is more matipid since mas mahal ang mga pangboys! hahahaha


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