6th Month B-day OOTD

Here’s what Skye wore on her 6th month birthday.

P1060271Dress: Hand-me-down from Tita Issa | Baby Shoes: Enfant

She looks adorable, right?! So big already. :)

If you notice, all of Skye’s dresses are either hand-me-downs or gifts. I don’t really like buying her dresses this early. Why? Because I think it’s not practical. She’s a baby and she could get away with just her onesies. Onesies that she could also wear at home. Plus, most of the time, friends would really give her dresses. Mag aantay nalang ako ng gift. Nyahahahaha! Pero tama naman diba?!

Look, as much as I love my baby, I’d like to be practical and make her realize that she can’t always get what she wants. Plus, as much as possible I want my baby to be very comfy and all. So she only wear dresses on special occasions. Kung hindi nga lang ako nanghihinayang sa mga dresses na yan, she’d be in onesie all the time! Hahahaha! Presko pa.


Anyway, we had so much fun taking these pictures. And look at that kita-panty picture! Actually more like, kita cloth diaper! Hahahahaha!

Grabe lang! I can’t believe that She’s that big already. OMG! I’ll have a toddler soon. Ngayon palang ang dalaga na nya tingnan. *sob*


  1. Hello! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. :)


  2. reigningstillAugust 26, 2014

    Wow! Thanks Tara. :)

  3. reigningstillAugust 30, 2014

    Thanks. Hehehe.. Yep, it looks new pa. :) i love mummy friends. For tips and hand me downs.

  4. The dress looks good and new. Looking at it in the photos, one will not know it is a hand-me-down one.

  5. Ang bilis talaga lumaki ng baby. Baka bukas malaki na siya agad. :) I love how practical you are. most mommies with baby girl kasi splurge more on dress and I dont know why? Ako kasi 2 boys so medjo relax lang ang peg nila for dressing. Keep up being practical!

  6. sigh I miss my kiddos being babies...ngayon hindi na babies, amoy manunsya na, haha. Yeah, my kids had a lot of nice clothes handed down to us, but onesies were also my favorite to make them wear. It stays neat kasi diba?

  7. Kami din. Even if we shop a lot, we use lots of preloved clothes too. Her normal play clothes naman, onesies or pajamas din. I just like dressing up my Mila kahit sometimes, it's not practical. I just think of it as my therapy. After ng picture, we take it off if sa bahay lang kami

  8. This post reminded me of my first year in blogging. I also blogged about my son's monthly birthdays. Haha! It's really a great way to preserve the memories. :) Your daughter looks really cute in that dress!

  9. How I wish my next baby would be a girl! Lovely photos!

  10. I agree with not buying too many clothes for little babies, ndi kasi talaga practical. Kami din we lived on hand me downs and gifts eh. Okay naman kasi nakakasurvive!:)

  11. cuuuuuttteeee! baby girls talaga mas masarap bihisan! i used to shop to death for my niece...sarap kase bihisan...now i got a son, ang hirap kase ang mamahal ng damit! hehe


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