Review: Skye’s Monthly B-day Cake from My Sweet's Haven

We celebrate Skye’s birthday monthly. It’s what I call, our monthly thing. Parang monthsary ang peg until she turns 1.

Of course, what’s a birthday without a cake right?!

On her first 3 months, we just ordered cake from the good ol’ bakeshop. But then I realized that I wanted a special cake for her every month. Something unique. Something that would show her little milestones. Besides, that’s the reason why we do it every month right?

And thank heavens her Ninang Joie is up for the task! Actually, I felt so stupid for not thinking about it earlier. We could have started it on her 1st month. It should have been nice.

For our first ever birthday cake, we had this..

bday cake

A rattle and teether themed banana cake with Reese’s peanut butter and fondant. Everything is edible.

On her 3rd month, I got Skye her teether ring from Mothercare which she loves so much. Hence the design of the cake. Her Ninang Joie also added that big flower which represents her huge flower headband from Ninang Erlie. It’s beautiful. And most of all, it’s very Skye. I love that it’s personalized making it extra especial.

And of course, the banana cake with Reese’s peanut butter is a-mazing! Super yummy. Not too sweet. Just enough. And that kick of peanut butter is just heaven. That’s also why I really love ordering sweets from My Sweets Haven. Everything is just yummy.


For her 5th month birthday cake, we decided to put microphone and musical notes all over. Skye learned how to sing that month you see. And up until now, she loves singing! Loved it too much actually that everytime she hears other singing, she’ll join in.

It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and fondant decors. Again, everything is edible. The chocolate cake is rich and soft. The chocolate icing is perfect coz it’s not too sweet or overpowering. Just enough to make you want some more.

IMG_0746-vert-horz IMG_0747

This month’s cake is my favorite of them all! It’s 1 layer banana cake, 1 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing and fondant. This month’s theme is “first solid food”. Coz this month is all about prepping the baby and the house for her first solid food. And Skye has been bugging us to let her have a spoonful of whatever it is that we are eating. Sobrang excited kumain ang bagets!

Believe it or not, everything on that picture is edible. That bowl is actually a cake! Galing! Akala ko pure fondant so imagine my utter amazement what I saw that it’s also a cake. And that “food inside the bowl”, is just yummy!!! I don’t know what it is actually but it’s yummy. (dear joie, what the heck is that btw?!)

Choco-banana is really a match made in heaven. Soooooobrang sarap. I told Joie nga na hindi ko akalain na may isasarap pa ang mga gawa nya. Sanay na kasi akong masarap sya mag bake. Pero this time, na out shine nya ang sarili nya. If that’s even possible! And the cake is cute!!!

I am not saying all of these because she’s my friend okay?! Actually nga, she didn’t know I’m blogging about it. Harhar! Hindi ko kasi kinaya ang latest cake namin. Sobrang sarap. And that, my dear readers, deserves a spot in my blog.

For inquiries, you may visit her Facebook page, just click here. And while you’re at it, please do give her Putoflan a try.


Nakaka-adik yan guys promise!!!

So there. It’s a nice idea right? Customizing your monthly bday cake for the little one. Every month is different. Each is special.

And btw, thank Mummy Chubby for sponsoring the ReigningPricess’ cake every month. You the best!


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