Parenting Tip: On Infant Shoes

We only got Skye her first ever pair of shoes when she’s 5.5 months.

This one…

P1060039 Enfant (Php 285.00)

You might ask me why. A fashionable mummy like me would surely want my baby to have lotsa shoes that’ll match every outfit she has on her wardrobe.

But no!

Me, ReigningTatay and Mummy Chubby all agreed to one thing – no shoes until she’s big enough to walk.

Actually, our babies only need shoes when they are walking already. And making them wear shoes early could squash their feet and prevent them from growing properly. Feeling ko talaga yan ang dahilan kung bakit size 2 ang paa ko! I wore shoes too early.

So for Skye, we only make her wear socks. She’s a baby for crying out lout. I want her to look like one. That’s one of my major issue with some parents. Bakit ba laging pinagsusuot ang bata ng pang dalaga? Some kids would wear heels and tube tops and pekpek shorts. Come on! Make them wear something that’ll make them look like their age. They have the rest of their lives to wear those “dalaga” outfits.

So anyway, I am out of topic once again. Harhar! Yeah! On Skye’s first pair…

We got it from enfant. We decided to buy her one as a trial pair. Just to see if she’d like it. We made sure to get a pair that fits her properly. Usually, I’d see babies with too big shoes. Panong naging fashyown yun, aber? Plus the babies might lose it. Sa kagustuhan na matagal isuot ang sapatos di bale ng mukhang McDonalds?! Ayoko naman nun!

I also opted for a pair that feels like socks inside. If you look closely, the shoes we got are very soft. And the soles are flexible and has a good grip. It also has velcro fastening, making it easy to remove and put on.

It is very important that we, as mums, should always think before buying stuff for our babies. I know it is easy to get carried away sometimes but hey! You don’t know how those little decisions affect our babies.

So for Skye, that pair would be her only pair until it’s too small. But don’t worry. She loved her shoes. I also love it because of the good grip. With socks kasi nadudulas ang bata eh mahilig ng tumayo sa legs at sa mesa. We’ll buy another pair next time after nyan. Just one pair again until she could walk. By then, she’ll have maybe 3 na! Hahahaha! Ang kuripot lang ni Nanay.


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