Breastfeeding Journey: Low Milk Supply Issue

Alright. I’m a member of Breastfeeding Pinays – an FB group for, well, breastfeeding Pinays. ;-P Mums would usually post questions, issues and would ask their fellow mums’ thoughts to solve their issues. I find it really helpful. Coz most mums would share their experience and you’d definitely learn from them.

So yeah, if you’re a breastfeeding Pinay or an expectant mum who plans to breastfeed her bub exclusively then I recommend you join this group:

Anyway, I noticed that one of the FAQ on that group is…

Mums claim that they don’t have enough breast milk to sustain their bub’s needs. That the baby seemed unsatisfied. Not gaining enough weight. Not chubby enough. Hindi daw botsog. Claiming that they can’t see enough milk coming out. Can’t pump enough milk.

I found a cute info-graphic in Google which basically sums up my thought:

Honestly, I’m blogging about it because once in my Breastfeeding Journey, I also doubted my milk supply. I once thought of mix feeding the bebe. There are days when I’d feel so frustrated and tired of the extremely low output. Would question my boob’s capability of producing enough milk. Bakit si ganito 6-9oz per pump? Bakit ako stick sa 3-4oz? I once thought that getting a hospital grade double electric pump would solve my issues. It doesn’t. I’m getting the same output as my cheap Farlin Manual Pump.

I did everything. From chugging down lotsa water. To munching on malunggay leaves (well, not really munching but eating EVERYTHING with malunggay). To taking malunggay capsules and Fenugreek. Drinking milo. Eating oatmeal 3x a day. The works. Only to increase my milk output. I’d stress myself out. Searched the internet for possible solution to my dilemma until it hit me.


Seeing my baby’s chubby cheeks and patatim legs. Her satisfied look every after feeding. She has enough wet diapers and is pooping everyday. She’s gaining weight. She’s hitting milestones. She’s strong and thriving. And that should mean one thing. That she’s getting enough. Right?

And so I let it go.

Actually, I won’t put all the blame on myself. Part of me doubting my milk supply is because of the people around me who also don’t know better. Mila once asked me if I can keep up with the baby’s needs. Seeing how takaw Skye is. She forced me to eat everything with sabaw and would tell me to drink lots of water. When Skye’s a week old and noticed that Skye’s nursing almost 24/7, she told me that the baby seemed unsatisfied. Bakit daw ganun? Ang tagal dumede. Baka wala daw nakukuha kaya di nabubusog. They we’re telling me that making Skye nurse almost 24/7 would mean carrying her almost 24/7. Masasanay daw sa karga. Masama daw yun. I didn’t listen. Partly because matigas naman talaga ang ulo ko and partly because I know my baby’s getting more than enough. I can see it in her eyes. She simply just want to nurse. And honestly, a mother’s breast is not intended for feeding only. It pacifies a crying baby. It soothes them. They nurse for comfort. Especially during the early stages of their life. Kaya nga siguro nauso ang pacifier. Coz a very long time ago, someone actually noticed that babies simply want to suck.

And I don’t believe na masasanay sa karga ang bata pag kinakarga mo lagi habang baby pa sya. I carried Skye in my arms even during the night until she’s almost 2 months. But now, she’ll be very happy just sitting on her bouncer and playing with her toys and singing. Besides, I can only do that for a short period of time. Ilang buwan nya lang gugustuhing kargahin sya lagi. Once she’s a toddler, I’d be running after her. So I’ll carry my baby for as long as she wants simply because I’m her mother and I love her.

Anyway, up to now, I am still not producing much. Only 3-4 oz per pumping every 3 hours. I think it’s because I’m also breastfeeding directly so my body knows how much my baby needs. I noticed that Skye only feeds 3oz of milk and then she’s satisfied. And my breast know this so she produces only that much. And if I’m pumping 3 times here at work that’ll mean only 9oz of output per day. And so, what I can’t produce in quantity I produce in frequency. I’d pump one breast while feeding Skye on the other while at home. I’d wake up at around 2-3AM to pump coz she’d usually wake up at around 3-4AM to feed. And then I’d pump after my morning shower. 

It is quite tiring. Especially the pumping at 3AM but I know I have to. If I want to keep up with the bebe’s demand. I’d also pump during weekends just to build my stash. (Read this post to know more about how I was able to build my milk stash.) And now I have enough milk to last her for at least 3 days. Imagine? Who would have thought that I could actually do it? That I could build stash despite the relatively low output. Actually, I already don’t see it as low output anymore. I just keep in mind that my baby only feeds 1oz/hr. So getting 3oz every 3hours is actually just right. And I no longer fuss about it.

So my tip for you mums who’s struggling with their milk supply? Just make your baby latch on you! And if you’re an exclusively pumping mum, just pump regularly and frequently. And relax. Believe that you have more than enough for the baby. And please, don’t supplement with formula milk. I mean, the more you feed your baby formula, the less milk your body would produce. And if the baby seemed fussy and wants to nurse more often, research! Maybe it’s growth spurt? Maybe she’s not feeling well? Maybe she just simply wants to! Plain and simple. :)


  1. This is really helpful for my future needs. I love to read about your mommy tips. :)

  2. reigningstillJuly 05, 2014

    Thanks Juvy! :)


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