4 Month Growth Spurt

 I think the baby just hit the 4 month growth spurt.
Extra clingy. Wants to nurse all the freakin' time. Almost impossible to pacify. Would not take anything except for the boobies.
And honestly, I'm kinda tired. I thought we're done with our graveyard shift. She's already sleeping through the night with just a couple of feedings in between. Which I honestly don't mind coz we're on a side-lying position. I'd just pop the boob and would let her dede till she sleeps. While I, on the other hand, sleep as well. But lately she's very fussy. Not gassy. No pain whatsoever. She's just being difficult. And so I read up on growth spurt and learned that it usually happens on the 4th month. Haaaaayy! Sana matapos na ang growth spurt kasi malapit ng magspurt ang mga pimples ko. Kaloka!
And now everybody here at home kept on bugging me to leave work early. Eh kaloka lalo coz hindi naman ako makapasok ng maaga. I'd wake up at around 5’ish but could only leave the house at 9’ish. I tell you! It would only take me 10min tops to shower. And another 5 to get dressed. Been repeating clothes over and over again! And maybe another 5min to put on BBcream, blush, eyeliner and lipstick.
So anong nangyari sa 3hours and 40minutes? Either I'm in bed waiting for the baby to finish dede or trying to escape her clingy hugs. Or I'm busy prepping her bottles for the whole day. Or drying the pumping gears. Or swaying the baby in my arms. Or fixing the diaper caddy and the wet cotton ball jar. Or arranging her drawers or looking for her toys. Gosh! My to do list in this house is endless!
Sometimes I feel like my only rest time is my time at work. There I could sit and be still. I could take my lunch in peace and not do ninja moves so I could eat while holding a 6kg baby in my arms. There I could take my time drinking my cup of milo and not burn my tounge as I try to gulp down the remains of my hot drink because the baby's already screaming.
But well, I guess all of those are part of the job description. Fortunately. And so I guess I am not alone. There are thousands more feeling exactly the same thing. And yet enjoying every moment.
I know it sounds cliché but really! Seeing your those tiny little toes and fingers and those toothless grin would make you forget every sleepless night and every sore arms. Just this morning, I woke up and saw her smiling and singing. So eventhough I feel so light-headed, bumangon ako para laruin sya at makipagtawanan. Priceless! And then I saw the clock. Freakin’ 3AM! Wala na ang antok ko.
Although if there’s one good thing about me lying in bed and waiting for the baby to finish nursing, is that I was able to read! O diba? I finish another book! Saya saya!
Oh well, its a Friday. And I can’t wait for the weekend. I just wanna rest rest rest!


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