Skye's 4th Month

Last June 21, we celebrated Skye’s 4th Month Birthday. :) Oh how fast time flies. She used to be my little peanut. That little football player inside my womb. And now she’s all chubby and big and weighs 6kgs already!!
Look at those chubby cheeks and patatim legs! It’s also fun dressing her up now. Most of her clothes now fit and she’s looking all fab. Must. Do. An. OOTD. Post. Soon.
As usual, we had a very simple celebration for her 4th month birthday. We had spaghetti, fried chicken and garlic bread. And of course, we had a cake!!!
This month’s birthday cake is extra special. Ewan ko nga shungaks lang ako at ngayon ko lang to naisip. We had her birthday cake customized by her Ninang Joie of My Sweets Haven. The girl behind her Teddy Bear Christening Cupcakes.
This month, it’s a banana-peanut butter cake with fondant. It has her favorite toys as decor – the baby rattle she so love and the teether ring from Mothercare. And of course, her giant pink headband c/o her Ninang Erlie is there. Cute cute daw kasi nung giant headband ni Skye kaya nilagay ni Ninang Joie nya.
From now on, we’ll have all her birthday cakes done by her Ninang Joie. And every month we’ll showcase her little milestones. Sayang talaga. We should have started it on her 1st month. Tutal same din naman ang magagastos. Mas masarap pa!
Yup! It’s her yummiest and prettiest cake to date. As in the cake are rich and the fondant is just so yummy. The extra kick of the peanut butter just made this banana cake extra yummier. And it’s so pretty and colorful and it’s personalized that cutting it made me teary-eyed.
Giant Pink Headband: from Ninang Erlie | Shirt and Panty: Funtastic Shop (c/o Ninang Jerellt) | Socks: hand-me-down from Tita Issa
4 months of love, happiness and blessings. I always thank the Lord for giving my Skye to me. That He entrusted me to take care of this lovely girl. Seeing her thriving and happy just made me burst with so much joy.
Every little milestone is a celebration of love and life.
My baby, soon you’ll read Nanay’s blog. And I want you to know that at this very moment, I love you. And I am sure that I will love you forever. You’re probably all grown up by the time you read this but you’ll always be Nanay’s little baby. I’m so excited to see you grow up and hit milestones. I’m so excited to see you become the person you want to be thru my guidance and love.
I love you my Baby Lala. :) So so so much.


  1. reigningstillJuly 03, 2014

    Hindi nga mahilig sa flowers ang mga ninang eh. At sa pink! Hahahahaha...

  2. Happy Fourth Month! So adorable! <3

  3. reigningstillJuly 05, 2014

    Yay! Thank you! :)


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