Parenting Tip: FirstYear (Mobile App)

Taking care of a newborn is no joke. There are loads of rules. Changing nappies every 2-3hrs to avoid diaper rash. Breastfeeding every 2hours. 10-15minutes of feeding per breast. Make sure you alternate the breast. Monitor the wiwi and the pupu. Babies are like plants, they need sunlight. A newborn need 10-12hrs of sleep. Yada yada yada!

Remembering each is already a headache. Remembering to time each activity is dreadful. They say that the anesthesia from the CS operation would make you more forgetful and I couldn't agree more. Actually, I suffered breast engorgement and plugged ducts last week because I can't remember the last breast I used for nursing. And Skye's tushies were a bit pinkish last week because I am sure I was not able to change nappies right away. Nakalimutan ko din ano oras ko sya pinalitan. Such a headcase.

So this app is my life saver. Well, more like, my sanity saver.

And I recommend this one to all new moms out there. Promise. It's super helpful. If only to make your life easier. And to make sure you monitor your child's activities everyday.

Is she getting enough sleep? Enough wet nappies? Is she pooping everyday? All of those questions can be answered by this app.

So thank you FIRST YEAR! And thank you Mrs. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta for posting this on your IG. You saved my breasts, you saved my Skye's tushies and you saved the sanity of this OC new Nanay!


P.S. Blogging from my iPad right now coz getting the laptop seemed impossible these days. So bear with the format. I'll update the post once ze bebe sleeps.


  1. And always trust your Mommie's instinct! This is just the start, expect more wonderful and challenging days ahead! Congrats and enjoy motherhood! ;)

  2. reigningstillMarch 28, 2014

    Thanks Sha!


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