3 Weeks of Pure Love

I always knew that motherhood is not easy, but it never occured to me that it is soooo difficult.

The endless night. Zero sleep. Carrying her 'till my arms felt numb. The dancing. The singing. And please don't make me start on the breast feeding.

Honestly, there are nights when I just wanna rest. And not mind the crying baby in my arms. There are days when I'd find myself crying because of back pain. And no. I don't think it's PPD. Because I am not depressed. I am just tired. And that's normal I guess. Or maybe it's PPD. But who cares? I don't care. Coz all I want is a 4hr worth of uninterrupted sleep. Which is a luxury nowadays.

But seeing this...

Photo 3-16-14, 1 26 44 PM

Her lovely smile. Her sweet smell. Her soft body.

All of those just simply take away all the pain, all the body aches, all the heartaches. Ganun pala talaga pag Nanay na. And I am loving my domesticated life. Nag aalaga lang ng bata. Nagbabantay. I already dread the day that I'll get back to work. Just thinking about it makes me miss my little one already. So I guess I just have to make the most out of my maternity leave before I get back to reality of being a working mother. :)


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