Baby Expo 2013

I totally forgot to blog about our Baby Expo 2013 experience last December! I know. What’s new?! Harhar.. But you have to understand that I was soo pregnant back then. But now that ze baby is is 2weeks old and is already having a “play time”, I think I can get back to blogging more often. Well, in between feedings and nappy changing and burping and bathing and swaying. Whew! Being a mother is no joke I’m telling you.

So before I go into details about the Baby Expo and before I bore you to death with my mommy woes, let me show you my OOTD for Baby Expo 2013…

Red Dress: gift from Len | Silver Sandals: Payless | Cuff: from Len

Baby Expo 2013 is a week-long event. I pre-registered online months before the event because I know there are loads of baby products that’ll offer discounted prices there. It’s also very helpful for first time moms like me coz most of the stalls would offer free discussions of the products they offer. Maloloka ka talaga sa dami ng imga pwede mong bilhin for the bagets. Pero ingat din. Baka mabudol-budol especially if you have low EQ. You’d end up buying stuff you don’t really need. I have extremely low EQ, kaya naman nagsama ako ng backup – my sister and The Companion. Silang dalawa ang lakas ng powers sa pagsasabi ng NO! :)

There are loads of things on the Expo, Aside from the different products, they also offers and discussions about parenting and childcare. If I’m not mistaken they have guest speakers. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo was one of them. Kaso di ko inabutan si Juday. Ahihihihi.. Some random guy yung nagsasalita when we were there.

I can say that our time on the Expo was well-spent. Coz we went home with a baby playpen/crib. And guess what?! We got it for only Php 2500!!! Ang mura no? Original price of the playpen/crib is around 6k ata. Oh diba?! Super mura. And that’s the exact playpen I was eyeing at the mall. I want the simple one lang kasi. None of those packed with baby changing tables, vibrator, music and toys na I’m sure naman hindi magagamit ng anak ko and would cost us an arm and a leg. Kasi naman. Hello?! Vibrator and music na parang sa music box?!! Anong gagawin ko dun?! Although I was thinking that the changing table should have been a little useful. But carry na din coz I change Skye’s nappies at the bed. Nakakaupo pa ako while doing so. Anyway, the crib/playpen is very useful to us so far. That’s where Skye sleeps during daytime so I could move around and do some other household chores. But we co-sleep at night. Ayaw nya sa bed pag gabi. She cries and cries. She wants Nanay’s hug. Aaawww..

I was also able to buy some modern cloth diaper there. I was eyeing the bamboo dappy for months now kaso mahalia rodriguez. Almost 1k! But there, I was able to buy one that costs Php 300 and another one for Php 500 (the bamboo dappy). I initially wanted cloth diapering for Skye. We’ll use lampin with covers sana but hello?! I realized that it’s so difficult to exclusively use cloth diapers kasi newborns poop alot. Hahahahaha! So kawawa naman si Tatay, tambak ang labahin. Thank heavens I have friends who gifted us with disposable diapers and that the hospital gave us a whole pack. We still have our stash. And she’s exclusively using disposables since birth except during her “presko time” where we use lampin on her for like 2hours.But once her poopoo time is like once a day nalang, we’ll use modern cloth diapers na. So I’m currently building my cloth diaper stash. Hehehehe..

One of my nice finds there is Nutri-Del. It’s like cerelac but they claim that they are healthier. Well, I got that for Boiboi and he loved it. We we’re advised by his pedia to add cerelac or the likes on his pediasure milk so he’d gain some weight. I know that cerelac is really not healthy but it works for him! Kaya Nutri-Del is really a nice alternative to cerelac. Atleast sabi nila its healthier daw and less sugar. Now we don’t really have to worry about giving Boi something that’s not really healthy. This one is available on supermarkets na. I saw some in SM and Robinson’s.

So for new moms like me, I really recommend attending Baby Expos and events such as these. I think Baby Co. had one last month and they offer super big discounts. Take advantage of those and for sure you’d learn a thing or two. I regret not being able to go to the Baby Co. event nga. They offer Unimom products on high discounts daw. Sayang. I was super pregnant na back then. I can’t even go malling.

My sister sure had fun during the expo. Nagpapicture sa lahat ng mascot na nakita nya dun. Nakikipag unahan pa sa mga bata. Kaloka!!!

And allow me to end this post with some of our umay photos…

Hehe! Arti lang. :) I kinda miss my preggy self in fairness. But I am loving the post-partum me. Kahit pagod at puyat, sobrang saya!





P.S.: Expect this blog to be a little more of a mommy blog now. We’ll be back to my regular OOTDs and fashion churva once I’m back to my old body and can actually do OOTDs. Sa ngayon kasi, messy hair, chapped lips and pajamas lang lagi ang peg ko. Kaloka maging nanay. Hihihihi..

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