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As a first time mother, I have loads of fears concerning my newborn. The moment I learned of the pregnancy, I have been reading and reading and reading as much information as I could about parenting, newborn care, motherhood.

And one of the things I came across is SIDS – Sudden Infant Death. Yes!! Even while sleeping, a baby is at risk. Ganun sila ka-fragile!

Actually, allow me to share with you a recent experience that made me trembling from head to toe.

Skye’s sleeping on her crib. I was watching her. Looking at her face. Checking her breathing. Yes! Ganun ako kabaliw. I wanna make sure that she’s really okay. Then, The Companion made lambing. I took my eyes off my newborn for less than a minute. Oh heck! I am even sure that it’s just 30seconds. Ganun ka-saglit lang. But when I check on her again, I saw that her bonnet was all over her face and she’s already starting to stir!!! I immediately removed the bonnet and hugged her. I was crying. Thanking the Lord and her guardian angel coz I don’t wanna think about what will happen if I’m a minute too late.

To think that I’ve read about SIDS way way before. Kaya nga her crib is free from all the unnecessary things like stuffed animals. Her beddings are tight and we use a safe pillow. Pero nangyari padin yun. I didn’t realize that the bonnet I made her use was too big. And because she’s really malikot (yes! a newborn na parang kiti kiti), she’s really prone to having stuff on her face. I used to swaddle her with receiving blankets lang but after that incident, pinush ko na talaga na bilhan sya ng Halo Sleep Sack.

I got an invite from Halo for Sparty last February 21. Kaso I gave birth na nga that time so I wasn’t able to attend. I didn’t immediately get a sleepsack kasi I'm still thinking if it’s really worth it. Kaya nga I accepted the invite coz I wanna know more about Halo and their products. Kasi hello?! The sleep sack costs Php1500. Hindi birong pera para sa kumot. But with that experience, naku! I know na it’s really worth it. I don’t wanna take a risk, specially if its about my child’s safety.


Look at my Skye. she’s loving her sleep sack. And Nanay’s peace of mind is priceless. Note also na no more bonnets for her. After that incident. No more bonnet while she’s sleeping. We put bonnet on her kasi newborns are lamigin. That’s also why we swaddle her with blankets na madalas naman naalis nya sa sobrang kalikutan nya. So this sleep sack is really perfect. Kahit anong stir ang gawin nya, hindi sya maalis. And no risk na mapunta sa mukha nya yung blanket and masuffocate sya. Very safe talaga.


And of course the blanket makes her warm so she could have a good night’s sleep. I noticed that the sleep sack is perfect kasi hindi ganun ka-tight and ka-heavy kaya di sya pinagpapawisan and not naman too lose or too manipis para lamigin sya. Actually, my little girl is loving her sleep sack. Gamit nya yan kahit sa umaga. Sulit na sulit.


  1. It's scary talaga! I would have bought this when they were still babies kasi I'm paranoid about SIDS, too. They were big na when I found out about this product.

  2. Nakakaparanoid maging ina in general! I barely slept during my son's newborn days because I watched him while he slept; I only learned of this product nung malaki na sya!

  3. Oh I was paranoid when I had my babies! they all slept beside me and I really keep a sharp eye on them, even now. I've read about this baby who died in the rocker...kasi nakayupi yung leeg...:(

  4. Wow, I never heard about that Halo when Audric was still a newborn baby. As for the bonnet, my sister (a pedia) told us to remove it and just use it when we're going out. So no bonnet inside the house, we just regulate the room temperature for him.

  5. This looks cute, like a special sleeping bag for newborns. I too was paranoid for my first and second born that's why I had the bed removed and we slept japanese style with the mattress on the floor. para pag naglikot di siya mahuhulog :)

  6. We had something similar: a SwaddleMe. It was useful but as our baby got older, he preferred to sleep like a starfish...hehe. These sleepsacks look comfy. I wish they came in adult sizes. I would seriously use one of these :)

  7. my youngest brother had something similar to the halo sleep sack when he was a baby and it was so hard to find one afterwards. when i was pregnant with my son, since i cannot find a seller that time, i opted for the swaddles instead though my son was not able to maximize his swaddles

  8. I'm a Halo user too! Now, I'm thinking of getting one for my 3-year old toddler that does not want blanket when he sleeps! I know Ives, who owns Halo Philippines :D


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