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It’s not a typo error guys. That’s really my blog post title. Hihihihi..

Last February 07, I got 2 Baby Showers! Yes! 2! On the same day. Hahahahahaha… The Companion and I went home with bags and bags of gifts for the lil’peanut. Mila got so excited as well!!


That day, I felt so loved and grateful. And I got even more excited because I know a lot of people are also excited to meet my lil’peanut. They are so eager to welcome her. Yay! #tearyeyed

More than the gifts, what made me really happy is the thought and real love I felt that day.


Anyway, I didn’t organize a Baby Shower because (1) I don’t have the budget, (2) I don’t have the time (3) I didn’t really feel the need. So when my friends, went out of their way to throw me one, super saya ko talaga!

The first Baby Shower was with my officemates.


It’s their little surprise for me. And na-surprise talaga ako. I got an invite for a meeting that afternoon but when I entered the meeting room, a cake is waiting for me and the silly faces of my team mates.

Sobrang baba nga lang ng EQ ko at di ko agad na gets na it’s a baby shower. When I entered kasi, I saw the cake and my eyes popped out. In my head I was going “OMG! May cake sa meeting. Wala kong kutsara!”. Hahahahahaha!

They when I noticed that my team mates are looking at me expectantly, that’s when I looked around the meeting room and saw the balloons and the Happy Mother’s Day greeting on the white board. :-D Sorry talaga guys, don’t ever think na mas na-excite ako sa cake ha. Hihihihihi..

Then they just gave their gifts one by one which I opened. Apparently, during one of my chicka sessions with my team mate Irish, where I told her about my sapilitang baby shower with my bestfriends, Irish was able to get a wish list out of me. Galing no?! Sneaky sneaky. Or mababa lang talaga EQ ko kaya nung sinabi nyang ilista namin ang mga wala pa ako, excited ko namang sinabi sa kanya lahat. Pati aircon at stroller. Lahat tuloy sila nag aabang kung sino magreregalo ng aircon sa akin. Kaso waley! Wala akong nauto. Hahahahahaha!

So to my NSAir Team, THANK YOU! I love you so much guys. And I miss you already.


The 2nd Baby Shower are with my best friends and our plus ones. This is the sapilitang baby shower kasi I am aware of this one. We opted to do a Karaoke night pero KKB kami. Hahahahaha! Wala daw silang budget para ilibre ako, at wala din akong budget para ilibre sila. Ganyan ang mga bestfriends! Walang arti arti. Hahahahaha

Anyway, more than the Baby Shower, it’s our own way of having a little get together. I am glad I’m friends with these bunch. They have been there for me thru everything. Kahit thru chat lang or viber. Updated kami. Kita mo nga, hindi manlang namin naalala na picture-an ang mga gifts nila sken. Hahahahaha! Pano naman kasi, nung pumasok yung waiter telling us na last 30min nalang ng aming videoke time, inabot nalang nila sa akin ang mga gifts. Tapos I checked it out. Tapos I gushed a little bit. Then thanked them tapos times up na. Uwian na kami. That’s after we sang our hearts out and ate like a pig of course.

Thank you mga tol! Happy na happy si peanut sa mga boses nyo palang. Feeling ko paglabas nya, hahanapin nya yung mga boses nyo para mahele. Sana pala ni record ko! Mwah!


Overall it was a fun day. Unexpected, but they really made me super happy.

Thank you guys!!! Again, I love you!



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