The Ayala Triangle Lights and Sound Show 2014

3 more days ‘till Christmas! Whoah! Look how fast time flies. Ugh! This is, well technically, my Little Peanut’s first Christmas. Yun nga lang, she’s still inside my womb but I’m pretty sure she’s already as excited as the rest of the world.

Christmas will always be my favorite time of the year. Kahit magastos. Kahit maka-wasak wallet at maka-pudpod debit/credit cards, keri lang! The smile on the face of those young innocent children and the not-so-young are priceless.

Another thing I loved most about Christmas season are the decors. I remember a couple of years back, a British client was here for a training and that client has become a friend of mine and she kept on telling me that she loves Christmas in the Philippines because lights and decors are everywhere. It’s just so beautiful. And that no matter how tired you are at the end of the day, you just can’t help but smile seeing those lights.

I’ve been working in Makati for almost 4yrs now. And one of the things I’m so excited about is the Ayala Triangle Lights and Sound show. This year is 4th year to witness it. The past 3 years, araw-araw ako nanonood. Walang mintis. Parang kasing ang saya saya. Parang ang kumpleto lang ng araw mo. But this year though, I only got to witness it once. When the sister asked us to accompany her kasi never pa sya nakapanood.

I was not able to watch it every single day because of the pregnancy and because ang daming tao araw araw. So I just it from afar. And I also go home early now. Ang dami kasing tao and ang traffic! Josko!

Anyway, this year’s light and sound show is just so gorgeous. Everyday, tons of kids, families, friends and yuppies are there. Enjoying the beautiful show which happens every night starting 6PM. The show happens every 30 minutes so you have loads of chance to catch it.

Make sure you drop by! :) Bring the kids. Ayala Triangle has this huge park where kids can play and there are loads of restaurants you choose from just in case you got hungry. Kaso medyo punuan ah. Be warned. :)

Next year, I’d have a little peanut to bring there. For sure mag-eenjoy ang aking baby sa dami ng ilaw. I’m so excited! But for now, natuwa na ko dun sa paggalaw galaw nya habang tumutugtog yung Christmas Carols. My baby loves music so much. Ahahahaha! Sana singer! Kaso kanino naman kaya sya magmamana?

Are you done with your Christmas shopping. I finalize mine just yesterday. So I’m okay na. :) Yehey!!!




  1. Ohh. Nakakamiss yung Ayala lights. Looks like you had so much fun. Great post!


  2. reigningstillDecember 23, 2013

    Thanks Zoe!

  3. life is a shoeDecember 23, 2013

    wow the lights look gorgeous!

  4. reigningstillDecember 26, 2013

    It is! :)


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