Pregnancy Update: Dreadful Stretchmarks


Yesterday, as I was lying down in bed with my tummy exposed, the sister went
Ay! May stretch marks!!!
In my head, I was like,
OMG! What the f*ck! NO!
I’ve been dreading the day that I’ll get these nasty pregnancy battle scars. I mean, I know it’s kinda inevitable but I’m hoping I’d be a part of those “lucky ones” who didn’t get any or got only a few. I know they exist because Mila is one.

Yep. She doesn’t have stretch marks. Or well, she does  but only too few and they are white and unnoticeable. Makinis ang tyan nya after giving birth to 4 kids. FOUR! And since they say that a woman’s probability of getting stretch marks are on the genes, I am very hopeful that I’d get Mila’s genes and be spared. :’( But apparently not!

I didn’t buy any of those anti-stretch marks lotions and creams because according to my extensive research (naks!) they really don’t work. Kasi nga nasa genes yun. And besides, the stretch marks are skin-deep. Kaya nga mahirap sila alisin once you had them. Though I try to prevent it by keeping myself hydrated at all times. And by trying to look after my weight gains. Drastic weight gain, according to the experts, are one major cause of stretch marks. You have to give your body or well, specifically your skin, enough time to adjust to the stretching.

But after asking Mila to take a look at my tummy (my stretch marks are on the lower abdomen only) she said that she had those as well. Nawala daw after giving birth. Or atleast naging less visible and pumuti. I am praying to all gods and goddesses that she’s right. And besides, I only have a few of them. Most of the red marks there are not stretch marks.

Oh my gulay! Anak ng tokwa. I can take the morning sickness. The lower back pain. The sleep deprivation. The aching breasts. The breathing issues. EVERYTHING. But not stretch marks. Syet! Na-haggard ako!!!

I have 9 more weeks guys. 9 more! Kaya namin to! So for now, let me get back to my bed rest. Ciao!

Update: I’ve been using Human Nature’s Sunflower Oil since forever and tried to put those on my tummy while pregnant and after pregnancy. I guess it works because the very little stretch marks I got are now less visible. :) Let’s see after a couple more months.

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