Pregnancy Update: I Saw The Little Peanut Move!

I wasn’t able to go to work yesterday. I was so busy pa naman with the project I’m working on but I know I really need to rest. Plus it’s the day before Undas, I was expecting heavy traffic so I didn’t dare try.

I was having a nasty knee and lower back pain. The lower back pain I can endure but the knee pain is really terrible. It was so difficult to move and walk. But I know it’s nothing to worry about. You see, according to Google, a woman’s ligament is starting to loosen up at this stage of the pregnancy. A certain hormone is causing that, to prepare a woman’s body for childbirth. But the thing is, that hormone doesn’t just affect our pelvic area. And since I already have week knees in the first place, I think that’s what’s causing all this pain. I have joint problems growing up, so I think it all contributed to all of these I’m feeling. Anyway, it’s all okay. I’ll visit ze doctor tomorrow and have this checked just to make sure.

I also noticed that my foot grew half size bigger. Googled it and found out that it’s caused by that hormone and ligament issue also. I am very sure it’s not edema because I asked Mila to check it and she said I’m not really manas yet. I am just hoping that my feet won’t shrink back to it’s original teeny tiny size. I’d embrace the bigger foot with all my heart and soul. Hihihihi..

I am also starting to feel heavy. As in really heavy. I was told by my OB that it’s normal since I am small. It’ll be really a bit more difficult for me because of my frame. Eh lahat naman ata ng issue sa katawan meron ako, so keri lang! As long as my baby is healthy and my OB could assure me that I could deliver my Peanut safely, I’d embrace all these pain and difficulty I’m feeling with all my heart. Sus! Eto lang eh! Kayang kaya ko to. Lagi nga ko may sakit remember?! So a painful knee and lower back and this heavy feeling and bloating are so sisiw. :)

Besides, feeling the little peanut move inside me brings me so much joy. I’d wake up in the middle of the night with him/her kicking me from the inside demanding for food. And I have an active baby who moves all the time and like everywhere.

But last night was so special….

You see, yesterday, The Companion was here with us the whole day. Kasi nga I can’t move so he was with me as my alalay. I’d feel the peanut move but when I would ask him to feel our baby, ayaw na gumalaw ni baby! I was thinking that maybe, our baby’s movement is not yet that strong to be felt by the father. Baka ako lang nakaka-feel coz he’s inside me. BUT. Last night, I saw him kick! As in I literally SAW my tummy move as our little peanut kick from the inside. I tried to take a video of it kaso while the video was on, ayun ayaw na nya gumalaw. Hahahahaha!

**Photo grabbed from Google Images.

I’m so happy. I called The Companion right away to tell him the news. Now I guess he’d just have to be extra patient to feel his child’s movement coz I know anytime soon, it’ll finally happen.

Just thinking about it now makes me so happy. I think it’s one of the perks of being pregnant. Feeling your baby’s tiny movements. And knowing that you have a little human being growing so fast inside you.

Now, I read bedtime stories to our baby. And then we’d pray together. It’s our little bonding moment that I know I’ll treasure forever. :) I’m just glad I have this blog to document everything. I am a happy momma! And I never thought I’d embrace motherhood like this, like I was born for it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys. And don’t forget to pray for the souls of our dearly departed ones. I wasn’t able to visit the grannies at the cemetery but they know I remember them always anyway.




  1. Desiree Orias Rodis♥November 02, 2013

    sis! I'm so happy for you. as in!! Sabi ni Josef ang galing ng timing. :-) ii-aim ko rin yan, hehehe. I'm so so excited to experience that too. Now I want to pull the days off so I could feel our baby moves too.

  2. reigningstillNovember 02, 2013

    Hahahaha! Sis! Hindi ko picture yan! Photo grabbed from google nga eh. Hihihi.. hindi ko nga na videohan yung kick nya. Hindi na kasi gumalaw nung may video na ko. Anyway, excited na ko for you to feel yung paggalaw ni baby mo. As in super nakakatuwa!!

  3. Desiree Orias Rodis♥November 02, 2013

    hahaha, sobrang na-amaze ako sa pic kaya super comment agad, hihihi

  4. reigningstillNovember 02, 2013

    hahaha! feeling ko naman di ko maa-achieve yan sis! Kapal ng fats ko. Pero atleast sure akong protected si baby. Hihihihihi...


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