Staycation: Hotel Kimberly (Manila)

The Companion and I decided to celebrate my birthday with a Staycation. Whuutt?? Yeah! We had the Staycation last May pa! Ang late ng post no? Hihihihi..

But unlike my other staycations, we decided to have it on a not-so big hotel but very convenient. Hotel Kimberlyis located at the very heart of Manila. Along Pedro Gil St., just a couple of blocks away from Robinson’s Ermita and LRT Pedro Gil station.

So why there? Because I have a scheduled APE appointment in the morning of my birthday and it’ll be very convenient if we stay somewhere near Robinson’s Ermita where I’d have the APE.

At first I was hesitant, I don’t want to stay in a hotel that actually feels like a motel, if you know what I mean. But Hotel Kimberly is really worth the visit!

They have the nicest staff in the world. I called early on to ask for details of the room and they are very much accommodating. Hotel Kimberly doesn’t have a pool so I wanted to stay on a room with a bath tub. And since The Companion cannot be trusted on his choice of rooms, I have to check it myself. And the people there really helped me with my endless questions.

They have a nice, clean and roomy reception area. It’s design was very Filipino but with some modern twists. They are rich with rattan furniture and capiz details. A nice thing to note specially on small hotels that caters primarily on Foreign backpackers and tourists.

They also have a waiting area with a desktop pc for free surfing. They also have different clocks for the different time zones of the top destinations in the world. You could really see that they are very good with small details such as these. Because the hotel is really full of foreigners.

We checked in at around 1PM and it was a breeze. The Companion just showed his online reservation form and everything was taken cared of. We we’re immediately ushered to our room.

The hotel’s hallway may not be as posh at that of The Peninsula’s or Ace’s with it’s plush carpets but Hotel’s Kimberly’s is clean and spacious enough.

When we entered our room, we we’re greeted by this huge and comfy bed. The sheets are soft, clean and smells oh so good. The mattress are firm and comfy. And the pillows are soft and fluffy. It really gave me a good night’s sleep.

We got the Deluxe Room and I love that it’s so spacious!!! We spent the entire day inside and it doesn’t feel cramped at all. Even The Companion loved it’s roomy ambiance.

Hotel Kimberly also has a huge closet. I liked the idea of having that kind of closet with sliding door. I guess I’d have one made on my room coz it’s so space saving and less hassle than the typical cabinet doors.

This is the area I made as my temporary blogging nook. And this is where the companion kept his promise ring hidden. Hahahaha! I spent a lot of time on that desk blogging away. So yes, The Companion and I are totally on different worlds while inside the hotel room. He’s busy watching the telly and I’m busy with my bubble baths and my blogging. But the thing is, we had a really great time!

Our room also has a mini kitchen with everything we need. A mini fridge, a thermos, cups and saucers and some complimentary coffee. complimentary bottled water was also available. And the fridge is also packed but those are to be paid as extra of course.

Now let’s check the bathroom.

Hotel Kimberly’s bathroom and is also spacious. We got the Deluxe Room because it has a bath tub which I totally loved. I even brought my own bubble bath to use! Nyahahaha.. Complimentary toiletries are also provided and clean towels. And promise, the towels are really clean! And let me mention that their hot and cold shower are working fine! Yehey!!! Nyahahaha..

Our reservation also comes with buffet breakfast for two which we enjoyed at around 8 or 9AM the following day. With the telly showing the latest NBA games which made The Companion very happy. He doesn’t want to leave the room because of the NBA game but I was forcing him because I’m already hungry and besides, the buffet is only served from 6-10AM. So hello?!

They offer the breakfast buffet at Café K. Again, like the rest of Hotel Kimberly, Café K’s interiors are very Filipino. Well thought of I must say.

Like the usual breakfast buffet, they have brewed coffee, instant coffee, cream, sugar and tea available. I tried their brewed coffee and it was sooo good. I think it’s Kapeng Barako if I’m not mistaken.

They also have a cereal station although they have limited options. I think those are corn flakes and coco crunch. Didn’t try those though. They also have pineapple juice and four seasons juice available. Again, limited but acceptable.

They also have an Egg, Waffle and Pancake station. You can ask the chef to prepare you an omelet and pancakes and waffles. I tried the pancake and the omelet and both are surprisingly good.  I liked that the ingredients for the omelet is readily available so you can just choose which ones you want on your egg.

Cold Cuts and Salads are also available. Again limited options for the dressing and the cold cuts. They also don’t offer cheese but acceptable for a 3 Star Hotel. I think these are made available for their foreign guests.

Of course they offer Fried Rice with three different viands – Adobo, Corned Beef and Spanish Sardines. I liked the Spanish Sardines most. The Adobo is also yummy but I prefer my Adobo dry. Didn’t like the Corned Beef much though.

Fruits and fruit shakes are also served. I loved that their fruits are actually sweet and yummy.

They also have a Bread and Spreads station. :)

Overall dining experience is unbelievably good. To tell you honestly, my expectations are not really high. Beside the fact that I know most hotel foods are just so-so, I know that Hotel Kimberly is not a five star hotel unlike The Peninsula so I know that their options are limited. Also, our accommodation is very affordable. Choosy pa ba ko?!

BUT I went out happy. I enjoyed my breakfast and most food are actually delicious. I can say much better than some of the five star hotels I’ve been to. And again, they have the most accommodating staff. Even The Companion liked it. He’s also not expecting much but he did surely enjoyed everything. Probably also because he was able to watch his NBA games while having breakfast.

Overall experience is superb. We got the Deluxe Room for only Php 2800++ I think. They’re superior room is a little more than Php 2000. Very affordable. So for those of you who wants to stay out the house and just be somewhere you can relax, why not try the cheap hotels around the Metro? Affordable and relaxing. :)

Hotel Kimberly Manila

770 Pedro Gil Street
Malate, Manila, Philippines
Tel:. (+632) 521 1888

Fax: (+632) 526 7270


  1. Good thing you had a wonderful experience at kimberly hotel:) i love staycations too, had my staycation last friday but to my dismay it ruined my birthday were planning to extend pa naman but we decided to leave that place :)

  2. reigningstillOctober 28, 2013

    Naku! Too bad. Where did you had your staycation? At Hotel Kimberly too or a different hotel? I had a great time at HK coz of the nice people.

  3. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing this.lots of great places to stay and information included. Nice information.Very helpful.

  4. reigningstillNovember 01, 2013

    Thank you Daniel! :)

  5. Not in kimberly :) how i wish i choose kimberly for my birthday staycation:)


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