Nido 3+ Super Mom Day

Last Saturday, Nido 3+ and SM invited me, The Companion and our inaanak to the Nido 3+ Super Mom Day held at Nido Science Discovery Center, Mall of Asia.

But the thing is, pregnant moms are not allowed at the Science Discovery Center so I just let the mag-ninong have fun while I wait for them at a cafĂ© and read a book, something I haven’t done in a very long time.

Nido 3+ has loads of stuff in store for the kids and the parents (in our case, the Ninong). They got a tour of the new Nido Science Discovery Center, loads of fun Games (our dear AC won a price!), Planetarium Show, Photo Booth and Nutrition Counseling.

I told The Companion to document everything for the blog and asked him to tell me all the yummy details. Kaso mo, super nag enjoy silang mag-Ninong at ang nakuha ko lang ay ilan-ilang pictures at kid-like kwentos (you know, yung putol-putol at parang walang patutunguhan). According to The Companion, it’s so difficult to take pictures while looking after an energetic toddler (oo nga naman!) and it’s prohibited to take pictures on some areas.

But based on the wide, toothy smiles of those two, I could definitely tell they had loads of fun!!

Here are some of the photos of the event.

It’s a Science Discovery Center so they got loads of things for the kids to enjoy and learn. This is really great for toddlers 3yrs old and above. Very educational and fun.

They cover everything! From anatomy, to computers and environmental awareness. I didn’t know that MOA have this kind of event center. It’s a great way to teach kids.

AC (our inaanak) kept on telling me how she had fun on the games. Must be because she won a glow in the dark glass. The Companion, on the other hand, is so giddy on the Planetarium Show. Nakahiga daw sila while watching stars. Parang batang tuwang tuwa si kumag.

The whole thing lasts for about 2hrs and they capped it off with a photo booth sesh for souvenirs.

And of course, Nido 3+ is so generous that they gave the mag-Ninong loot bags. I must say that I love the Super Mom 2014 Planner. Feeling Super Mom na talaga ko. :)

Thank you Nido 3+ and SM for the invite!!! Kahit hindi naman ako ang nakapag-enjoy. :-P #bitter #inggit

Seriously, just seeing the smiles from the faces of my mag-Ninong is more than enough for me. Again, thank you for allowing them to enjoy the Nido Science Discovery Center.

For Moms out there with toddlers and kids, pay the Nido Sceience Discovery Center a visit. It’s super worth it. Our inaanak is very madaldal and she kept on telling me things she learned there. And her mom has to endure the seemingly endless kwento. And the best part is, it’s located at the Mall of Asia. Super lapit lang! :)





  1. Kyle RodriguezNovember 11, 2013

    Great post!

  2. reigningstillNovember 11, 2013

    Thanks Kyle!


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