On Blogging

I've been a blogger since, well, basically for me since forever.

Started out writing on my diaries since my Elementary and High School days. Would post clips, pictures and even candy wrappers on my diary – scotch tape para intense. :)

Then came Friendster Blog and I thought, yeah! Why not try to publish my thoughts online? Eh ano kung mali mali grammar ko noon? Eh ano kung medyo jologs? Blog ko naman yun!

Then Multiply became so popular that my ex-officemates and I would spend our breaks blogging on Multiply - sharing photos and videos, leaving comments and just blog hopping. It was fun! It was interactive. It was addicting.

I actually tried a couple other blogging platforms. I remembered I even had a blogdrive account back then. But I settled with Blogger because it's the most efficient. And I was able to customize my blog and my “readers” could comment as well. It feels great to know that you own a little space in the world wide web. And at one time, I maintain both my Multiply and Blogger blogs until Multiply decided to shut down. Which I guess is a blessing in disguise because maintaining one blog is hard enough. Hahahahaha! (Though I still have my tumblr blog active for my IG posts.)

So as you can see, I am really passionate about blogging. I started with this thing because I want an outlet. I want to write. I want to share. I want to re-read previous entries and laugh at my silly self. Like re-reading your old diary entry.

And why am I telling you all of this? Simply because I have been coming across loads of blogs out there who just doesn't get the point anymore.

Your blog is supposed to be about You! You alone. Well, not unless you share blogs with other contributors like the TSN girls. But still, you have to maintain your own personality and incorporate it on your entries while maintaining the general feel of your blog. Actually, that's why I maintain my own blog. With only me as contributor (Update: Now I share it with the #FabSkye). Because I am diverse and crazy by myself, adding up to the craziness would be a kill bill.

I know that most still have that passion and drive on blogging. But some, just don’t. They do blogging for the freebies, for the event invites, for the hits or sponsorships.

I can see a lot who copy ideas from other bloggers. Of course, it's all okay to be inspired by your fellow bloggers (and mentioning them on your post won’t hurt as well), but copying or imitating them is a different story. Because copying them means you are not being yourself. That you are trying to be someone else. And for those like me (and some friends I know), who is so passionate about this craft, it hurts and it s*cks! Ang hirap mag isip ng mga ideas, ang hirap magsulat and then kokopyahin mo lang?!

Some would even have the guts to google for ideas and copy-paste the entire entry and publish it like nothing happens. I really feel sorry for those people who’s works are being claimed by others – both me and the bestfriend (Jerellt) has already been a victim of plagiarism at one point.

Also, please don't just blog for events and freebies. Of course, it's one of the perks of being a blogger. I loooove attending events and know your fellow bloggers. Build friendships. Socialize. And it’ll be double the fun if you happen to go home with lots of freebies as well. It'll be every blogger’s dream to make profit out of your passion (I know loads of bloggers who’s bills are being paid by their blog’s earning, what a life. I envy them). But please note that all of those are just that – Perks. It's not supposed to be the heart of your blog. Because the heart of your blog is You.

Don't be afraid to be yourself. I had a blog hater last year and it was crazy. She's posting nasty comments about me and my family which I totally don't get because I don't know her and my family's not doing anything to her. But that doesn't stop me from blogging about fashion. I brushed her off like a dandruff on my shoulder. I won't say
she doesn't affect me at all
because in one way or another she does. But I stayed firm and strong and decided to treat her like a plain old dandruff. And so one day, she was gone. And I am here. Still doing my thing.

A friend says she got inspired by me so she started blogging again. I was really touched and overwhelmed and it really means so much to me. It made me happy and it made me realize that I am actually doing something right.

So for all of you who's new on the blogosphere, I hope you'd be one of those who cares for this "world" enough to make it all worthwhile. Being a blogger gives you power. Just like being on social media does. You spread information. And you really don't know how far and wide your reach is. So be responsible. And be sensible. And be a real blogger by heart. Happy blogging! Comment your blog URL below so I could visit you back.


  1. A great, inspiring post! I am so hooked about blogging this year. I always have a blog, and then I become lazy. Now, I started a beauty blog because I became obsessed with makeup! My blog mostly talks about makeup. It doesn't feel like a task to blog because I love what I am doing. Most especially if other people notices and comments. :)

  2. reigningstillNovember 16, 2013

    Thanks Juvy! :) Hope you left your blog site so I can drop by. I also love make ups! :)

  3. it is www.plumpcheeks.com :-)


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