Bumps, Babies and Beyond by CordLife

Last Saturday, I was invited by CordLife and Baby Expo to attend Bumps, Babies and Beyond – a talk for expecting moms like me.

Event Highlights are:

* Practical Pregnancy Tips on Childbirth by Childbirth Educator, Ms. Rome Kanapi

* Discover the powers of your baby’s stem cells and reasons why you should save it by CordLife Medical Director, Dr. Arvin Faundo

* Of course, raffles prizes and loot bags awaits those who join plus a mini bazaar

After reading all these, I immediately confirmed my attendance. I have heard about Stem Cell and it’s wonders way way back when Mila watched a documentary on how it helped improve the condition of a child with Cerebral Palsy.

You all know that my baby brother, the love of my life, BoiBoi is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. He had cord coil when he was born and lost oxygen supply on hos brain which resulted to this dreadful disease. We all know that its gonna be a lifetime disease with no known cure so anything that’ll help our little man would really get our attention.

Now fast forward to 2013, cord blood banking is slowly gaining popularity. Moms like myself wants to secure their child’s future and protect them by doing cord blood banking. Coz you will never know right? Knock on wood. Of course, this is something we all don’t want to use. But for a parent’s peace of mind, it really is a great investment.

Dr. Arvin Faundo is there to help us understand the benefits of stem cell and cord blood banking. He shows how the study of stem cells evolved and what are the different types of diseases, it has been tested to be proven effective. He also enlightened us on the further studies that experts are doing as of this moment as how to fully maximize the stem cell use.

I liked that he is very honest. The floor was open for questions and he answered them one by one. And I can say that he really knows what he is talking about and would honestly tell us if something is not yet proven. Alam mo yun? Sometimes, some “experts” would tell you how great this and that is just so they can sell their products. Hindi sya ganon! I approached him even and told him about my brother’s condition. I was thinking kasi, maybe I could use my child’s stem cells to cure my brother. And I would like to know kung gaano kalaki ang possibility that my child and my brother would be match. That’s one thing about cord blood, they have to be perfect match. He said the percentage would definitely be higher because of blood relation but the cord blood could only be used once or twice. So pag ginamit na ni Boi, baka hindi na kasya if ever my child would need it. Knock on wood. Hopefully never! He also told me that the only known case of stem cell curing cerebral palsy was that of a child who uses his own cord blood. He gave me an option though, to just bank my child’s umbilical cord. Pwede din daw yun. They can get the stem cell from the tissue and they don’t have to match. Kaso the thing is, they are still doing studies about it right now. Though he is very positive of the results it’ll have.

That made me think. Actually, The Companion wants us to bank our child’s cord blood but I’m still weighing my options. And still doing further research. Di kasi biro na money ang kelangan. Blood extraction is Php 48,000. Although CordLife offers 12months 0% interest payment. They also offer Php 8,000 if you avail it until the end of November. So you only to pay around Php 3,000++. Good offer. Considering the benefits right?

I’ll talk to my OB about this and would eventually decide. Maybe by next month I could tell you what my decision is.

Another speaker on the event is Ms. Rome Kanapi, a lamaze expert. She gave us loads of tips about childbirth and helped us prepare for that big day. Although her talk only lasted for about 30minutes or so, it was worth it. She showed us some exercise to minimize the “pains” we are getting while pregnant. She also told us that an average Filipino baby should be 5-6lbs only because most Filipinas are small, hence the small pelvis.

She also provided helpful tips to mothers and fathers on how to identify labor and what to do on that big day. The Companion and I really learned a lot. The Companion is even forcing me to do those exercises that Ms. Rome taught us. Kaloka!!

So all in all, it was worth it. Ang daming natutunan and most of my questions about cord blood banking are answered. Kahit malayo sya, it was held at the F1 Hotel in BGC, super worth out time.

So to the CordLife people, thank you so much for the invite!! Smile

And to Ms Joy, who’s my CordLife agent, thank you so much for the patience. You guys should give CordLife a call now if you’re  also expecting. Visit their official page http://www.cordlife.ph/ now!!!

And of course, let me show you my OOTD…

Wearing my one and only maternity dress. Hahahahahaha! Ewan ko din bakit ako meron nyan sa closet ko. I think that’s a dress given to G.p by her cousin who works on the advertising. Ang nakakaloka lang, single pa yun! Hindi pa nagbubuntis ever!!  Bakit kaya sya merong maternity dress no?? Nyahahahaha… I think that dress came all the way from the states.

And here’s the companion’s OOTD. Ang pormal no? Naka-polo sabay shorts and crocs. Hahahahaha! Poging pogi sya sa sarili nya ng lagay na yan. Pagbigyan!!!!

I still have loads of utang so watch out for those. Have a happy weekend!

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