Pregnancy Update: Flutters in my Tummy

Today, I felt the little peanut move. As in! I’m sure peanut moved this morning while I’m in a PUV silently having an internal debate with myself on what coffee to get.

If you follow me on twitter (@reiningstill), you’d know that I got a stressful morning because someone stole one of my puppies. It broke my heart, but I guess sissy’s more devastated because Esme (the puppy) is hers. Some people just don’t understand that dogs aren’t JUST DOGS. We invest emotions to them. Haaaayy..

Anyway, that’s the reason why I want to have coffee earlier. Don’t worry coz the OB allowed me a cup of coffee a day. I’m just not drinking any eversince I learned of the pregnancy because I’m acidic as well and I’m paranoid like that. But today is different. I need an energy booster!!

I guess the little peanut got excited too. Or s/he felt Nanay’s excitement? The little peanut did somersaults in my tummy and I felt it. I’ve been feeling little flutters a couple of days back but I was thinking its probably just because I’m hungry but today is different, I’m sure it’s the baby!!! Yaaaaayy…

That’s all. Just a quick update. Hahahahah! I am soooooo excited!!



P.S.: I just realized that maybe my little peanut is trying to cheer me up since I’m having a bad day. Aawww.. I have the sweetest baby in the world!!!! Soooo happy!

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