How To Take Care of a Pregnant Woman–Tips from the Preggy Momma

I am not the best preggy momma in the whole world. I am already nasty pre-pregnancy and that nastiness was doubled ever since I become pregnant. Maybe I am really just lucky that a lot of people love me and knew how to take care of me despite the nastiness so I would like to share with you how the people around me was able to live with this monster preggy momma.


Dealing with pregnant women require loads of patience. Doesn’t matter if you’re the husband, the boyfriend, probably just the best friend who accidently knocked her up (what?! It’s possible!), the mother, the sister or the brother, the BFF – you really need to be always patient.

Is she currently having some tantrums because of morning sickness? Patiently rub her back while she throws up all her breakfast down the drain. She’s being forgetful lately? Research shows that forgetfulness is one of the drawbacks of being pregnant as well as having scattered brains so patiently remind her to take her vitamins, bring her umbrella in the morning or be extra patient while she whines about how awful she feels that she again forgot to swap her sandals to flipflops before leaving the office. Is she crying in the morning for no apparent reason whatsoever? Patiently wait till she calms down. She will. Promise. She will. And she’ll realize that she’s been crying for an hour for no reason. Do not blame yourself or make her stop crying. You’ll get yourself into trouble.

Anyway, see the picture? Just be patient. That’s all.


If she’s whining and whining the entire hour you’re with her, don’t tell her that whining would affect the baby. That’ll bring you to some more trouble. Whoever told you that we don’t care about the welfare of our little baby?!! And don’t you go telling her that a little tetrapack of chuckie that she sooo wanna drink would make her baby fat. And don’t tell her that her make up is harmful for the growing fetus because honestly, you don’t know or rather understand how many hours she’ve spent on the internet trying to research about the topic. And don’t go telling her not to wear leggings all the freaking time because you don’t understand how bad she feels in the morning when none of her skinny jeans would fit. And don’t go telling her that she should smile more often because honestly, after you’ve puked and been dizzy the entire freakin’ morning and after feeling those cramp-like sensations, she’s really not in the mood to smile. Don’t worry though, she will ask for your opinion if she wants to. Or if she need to. Most likely it’ll be something like this  - ‘I think we should ask the OB if this or that is okay for the baby’ OR ‘I already had a bite of the chocolate this morning and a slice of cake yesterday, you think another flat tops would hurt our little one?’.

Just don’t give unsolicited advice. We know you mean nothing bad about it pero nakakastress eh.


Do not forget to remind her how beautiful she is. Say she doesn’t look like a pregnant whale at all. If you notice that her neck is turning darker and darker, say she has a pretty hair. Chances are she’ll always put the hair down and that’ll hide the dark batok. Oh diba? Win-win! :)

If she’s whining about our dark underarms and how she hates it that she can’t have them wax or laser’d, tell her that she looks pretty anyway. And that after the baby was born, you’ll accompany her to have them laser’d right away!

And whatever happens, do not ever comment on her choice of clothes! Hehehehehe…


Just love her some more. At the end of the day, she’ll feel that love and she’ll be happy. And the baby would feel those extra lovin’ and the baby would be even happier.

I am glad that I am surrounded by people who truly cares for me and truly love me. Just their love is enough for me to feel that I am not alone. Being pregnant makes us worry so much so to lessen those worries and fears, just love us.




  1. "DO NOT GIVE UNSOLICITED ADVICE." <-- This applies to pregnant women, married couples trying to conceive, bloggers who reviewed a product, or plainly just every kind of life situation. May pinaghuhugutan ako! Hahaha! =))

  2. reigningstillSeptember 30, 2013

    Damang dama ko nga tol. May pinaghuhugutan talaga. Hahahaha..


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