On Breastfeeding

I’m a sickly person. And I hate it! I’m such a go-getter so my sickness getting in my way is a big frustration all this years. Now that I’ll be a momma, I wanna make sure that my little one is not like me.

You see, I’m formula-fed. And my grandma thinks it’s child abuse to give me vaccines as a baby (dahil masasaktan daw ako) so I don’t have any. Now probably you all know why I’m like this!! See, I have been reading and researching on how to make sure that my little peanut would grow up healthy. Kung wala akong immune system, sisiguraduhin kong meron nun ang anak ko!

Hence my decision to breastfeed.

I’m a single mother and I know that after my 2 month maternity leave, I need to get back to work if I want to feed and clothe my child. Initially, I was already accepting the idea that I’d formula-feed my little peanut after 2 months. Naisip ko, wala naman akong magagawa. Alangan isama ko sa office si baby? I was even thinking of the “best” formula milk for the baby to make her/him a smart kid. Promil kaya??!!

But then reading all the mommy blogs changed my mindset. Frances of Topaz Mommy is my first inspiration. She exclusively breastfeed her 2 sons and she got a pair of healthy and cute baby boys!! And she’s a big breastfeeding believer. Then there’s Legally Momma who’s also pro-breastfeeding and she’s working full-time!!!

I’m so so glad that we have internet now. Thank you inventor of internet. Thank you inventor of blogs. Thank you Mommas who share all your experiences for newbies like me!!! I feel empowered.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against formula feeding. But I sure do hope that I won’t end up feeding my baby formula milk. Coz I really really want to give the best to my child. And if the best milk for the little peanut is MY milk, then I’d make sure I give the little peanut MY milk. Kahit maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan.

And in order for me to do that, I need to get myself some help – a good, effective, efficient breast pump.

Been researching for months now on what to get. Ameda? Medela? Avent? They say those are the big 3 but boy THEY ARE INDEED THE BIG THREE! The prices made my eyes pop! Php 14,000 for a good dual breast pump? Php 3,000 for a single manual pump that’ll make sure I’d have Vina Morales’ muscles after a week?

Thank goodness Aimee, my new mommy online buddy, blogged about her baby preps (she’s also preggy like moi!) and mentioned Unimom Forte!

** Image from google.
Would you believe that these babies only coz Php 7000? And I have been reading mostly positive reviews!!! Even Legally Momma herself use this hospital grade breast pump! Now, I’ll just wait for Aimee’s blog about it (if ever she decided to get one). Hahahaha! Anyway, I still have loads of time to research or to save up for the Medela Dual Electric Breast Pump. Oh I hope Santa would come across this blog, remembered that I’ve been a nice little girl all my life and give me a breastpump!

Isa pa, naisip ko lang, I think if I buy a breastpump before giving birth I’d be more “inspired” to breastfeed. Ang mahal mahal kaya nung pump! Kelangan gamitin ko sya!!!!

P.S.: Dear fellow mommy readers, please help me! Any suggestion or tips in breastfeeding and what to look for in a breastpump? No idea here!

If you want to read about my successful breastfeeding journey (3 years of exclusive and extended breastfeeding), just visit this tag.


  1. Hi Aubrey,

    Good luck on your first pregnancy and I totally agree that breastfeeding is the best for your baby. Even though I'm not a mom nor an aunt yet. But I usually attend seminars for pregnancy, mom, and babies. :)) For that, I recommend Cycles for your baby's clothes, and Cradle as your breast pump in the future.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes I'm very lucky indeed to experienced the Cosmo Bash 2013. I hope we can attend for the next year. I hope you will have a very healthy and cute baby.

    xx Diana

  2. reigningstillOctober 10, 2013

    Thanks Diana! :) Will check them out for sure. :)

    And I really hope we could attend Cosmo 2014!! That'll be sooo exciting!

  3. Mary Jane OteroOctober 28, 2013

    :) you can particularly ask your friends to gift you with the pump.that's what i did with my third pregnancy. I only wished for a manual single avent pump kasi alam kong mahal...pinagbigyan naman nila ako and I've used it for a year - di naman naging "Vina Morales" ang arms ko ;)
    my baby is now 1.5yrs old - and were now mixed feeding kasi eventually humina din ang supply ko (my fault btw :S)

  4. reigningstillOctober 28, 2013

    Hahahaha! Sabi kasi nila masakit daw sa braso pag manual pump. :) Good thing you said hindi naman pala. Actually this blog post is my simple "parinig" to my friends. Sana nga they'd give me nalang breastpump. *ehem*ehem* kahit hati-hati na sila! nyahahaha...

    anyway, thanks for visiting my site!


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