Pregnancy Update: Halfway There

It’s a holiday! And I’m so glad I got an extra day of rest. I am kinda stressed at work. I don’t know if I can make it on the deadline. But I’ve been to tougher situations. I’d find a way. I know I could. And besides, I know I’m doing the right thing. I may be a lot of things, but I know I do my job well. Exemplary at times. Pero efficient padin lagi! Nyahahaha..

Now enough of the work-related things and let’s get to business. I am here to provide updates on the pregnancy. So, shall we?

(Excuse the bare face.)

I am halfway thru my pregnancy. Look at that bump! I feel so huge already. I find it kinda hard to move and walk. But I still doo because I know I need some exercise.

My breasts are sore and is getting bigger (yay!), preparing for the laborious work of producing milk. Kaso mahirap na for my brassieres! I think I have to replace them soon. I only got a handful na kasya pa sken but they are starting to get tight. You think, I should get a nursing bra? Nyahahaha! I know! It’s so early for such kaso sayang naman. Sad smile If I’d get a regular brassiere tapos I’d get a nursing bra in the future? Yaman lang!

Anyway, I am also having difficulty in sleeping. What To Expect book says I should preferably sleep on my left side to have a nice blood flow or something pero pwede din naman syempre sa right paminsan. But at this stage, I should refrain from sleeping on my back to avoid strain on the backbone, which is okay lang naman coz I never sleep on my back anyway. Side sleeper naman talaga ko but my issue is the tummy. A couple of weeks back, I got myself a huge bolster pillow. Maternity pillow sana kaso almost Php 4000 each! Ano sya hilo? Eh hindi naman ako forever buntis para masulit sya. So I settled for a 4 footer bolster pillow. Big enough to be hugged and it sure made me and the tummy comfortable. I was thinking that I could always use it din. I got it in SM Manila and costs around Php 500++. Pwede na coz it’s hypo allergenic and washable. It’s also super soft. You preggy mommas out there should really invest on a comfortable pillow for a good night’s sleep, me thinks.

But the best thing at this stage of my pregnancy are the QUICKENING. Those are the tiny kicks and dances the little peanut is doing inside. And I could feel peanut everyday now! As in every day! Especially at night. As I try to get ZzzZzz’s, I’d feel those tiny dances and I’m awake. Then we’d talk. Non sense things like: ‘are you hungry?’, ‘you can’t sleep like nanay?’, ‘you want us to call Tatay and tell him you’re awake?’. Stuff like that. And I’m telling you, iba pala talaga pag nararamdaman mo yung anak mo na gumagalaw sa loob. The other day, super likot nya while I’m busy and stressed out at work. And that’ll make me smile. As early as now, s/he could bring so much happiness in me. Unexplainable. My heart is overflowing with love for a human being that I haven’t seen or touched yet. I can’t wait for the stronger kicks so that Tatay can feel the peanut too. Ngayon kasi hindi nya talaga mafeel. Nyahahaha! Naiinggit na siguro.

Another thing I’m focusing now is eating. Promise! I don’t eat much now. Feeling ko, mas konti pa ko kumain now that I’m preggers than way back when I’m not. I can’t eat a full meal. Though I try to eat 6 small meals per day, sometimes I only end up having 3-4. And I guess the companion’s worry is rubbing off on me. Though the OB says ok lang yun. I look healthy and baby seemed healthy naman. But now I’m just trying to put extra effort on eating. Plus What To Expect book says that by this time, the baby could already taste whatever it is that I ate. Which I think is true coz just yesterday, I had a bite of chocolate, tapos super likot na ni Peanut!! Natuwa ata sa chocolate treat nya. Smile

So ad part of my “eat a little more” project, the companion and I had lunch at The Pancake House kanina. I really love their spaghetti and it’s starting to become my comfort food lately. Mas magana ako kumain pag dun eh.

So the companion had this Chicken Special Set that comes with pan fried chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread (which I ate) and taco (which I also ate most). He got an extra rice of course.

While I had my all-time favorite Hamburger Steak with spaghetti and veggies. I was craving for Salisbury steak kanina eh. Smile I really enjoyed lunch so much. I think the little peanut also had fun. Kaso my problem is, it’s almost 7PM pero hindi pa ko nagugutom ulit. Patay tayo dyan!

I think I need to stop blogging and check out the kitchen now. Pag nalaman na naman to ng tatay ng anak ko, pagbibintangan na naman akong ginugutom ko anak nya!

Ay ay! Before I forgot, another thing. On my last OB visit, she mentioned about CAS (congenital anomaly scan). I was already thinking of NOT having this coz I think it’ll just bring stress to me. Since the OB also said that they can’t correct it naman if they found out that my little peanut has less toes or fingers than normal. But she said it’s a nice way to at least be prepared and to know for sure. What do you guys think of this? I was already thinking of having it.

Anyway, ciao for now! Must feed the baby.




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