I have an active little peanut...

Hello guys! How are you? How’s your weekend? I just spent the entire day inside my bedroom. I was ordered by the companion to do a bed rest today because of the cramp-like sensations I’ve been feeling since yesterday.

I don’t know if it’s because of stress or if its because the little one has been moving non-stop this week. Of course the companion believed it’s stress so he ordered me to rest and not think of work for 2 days. Aba! Jack of all trades talaga ang jowa ko. Aside from being a Smart Gilas, a Super Fireman, a Mayor with lotsa constituents and my personal alalay; OB-GYN na din sya ngayon! Kalurks! Makapagpa-bedrest wagas!!! I just followed his order para wala ng away. Anyway, I also think I need to rest.

I’ve been getting loads of stress from work. I have this huge project and everything is just a mess. Work is piling up. Parang unli!!! Hindi nauubos ang mga issue. Nadadagdagan pa ang trabaho. And my morning sickness is not helping at all. Although I try to finish everything naman eventhough it means staying super late sa office. Hep! Hep! Before you do tut-tuts, I am getting much rest okay? I have a boss who understands that my mornings are insane so he’s been tolerating my tardiness. Kasi naman, pag pumasok ako ng maaga wala syang mapapala kundi buntis na may topak. Kaya siguro ok lang kahit almost lunch na ko dumadating basta I’m my happy self. I still feel lucky I’m working with them. And I thank God everyday because of them. :)

But I’m not here to rant. Nyahahaha! Oo I’m not here to rant pa ng lagay na yan. Hihihihi… I’m here to tell you guys how giddy I’ve been feeling lately because of I HAVE AN ACTIVE LITTLE PEANUT!!! He’s been moving the entire day and up until the wee hours of the morning. Alright, I’m exaggerating but hey! You get what I mean right? I’d feel the peanut move everyday and it just makes me happy. I was thinking if I should start reading to the peanut already. Harry Potter kaya??!!

Sometimes, I’d just feel the peanut move as I sit. And this past few days, I’ve been waking up to the peanut’s kicks and dance moves telling me I should get milk and brekky already. Sometimes, I’m still too sleepy to move but the peanut would kick harder as if telling the Nanay to move her butt.

Most of the time I’d feel those little dance moves in the evening as I’m getting ZzZzZ’s. Ang ending, hindi ako makatulog!!! Some movements also hurt a bit. I know it’s supposed to NOT hurt yet but it kinda does, a little. Alam mo yung parang biglang may gumalaw sa intestines mo? O may sumisiksik sa liver mo? Ganun! Nyahahaha.. Of course I don’t know if its actually the liver or the intestines or the gall bladder but you get my point.

Actually, the mother says that the cramp like sensations I’ve been feeling might be because of the baby’s position. My OB says its normal to feel a little pain on the side of the stomach, the lower abdomen and the small of the back because of the growing belly. And Mila says that this little pain on the lower abdomen that I’m feeling must be because simisiksik si peanut. And dahil maghapon ako nakaupo, the baby might think it’s the best postion. So what I’m doing now is I’d put pillow on my butt and elevate my feet as I lay in bed. In fairness effective.

I’m not yet alarmed coz I’ve been noticing the area where I’ll feel the pain is usually the area where I’d feel the peanut’s movement. I think it’s the peanut’s way of prepping me for the harder kicks in the future. Although I’m still monitoring it. Mahirap na! I’m just glad that I am not as paranoid as I used to be. And I guess the peanut’s movements is my assurance that s/he’s okay inside.

Actually, the companion allowed me to leave my bedroom to have dinner with him. I don’t like our food in the house so we had dinner in Tokyo Tokyo at Robinson’s Otis. Ayaw nya masyado malayo. Kaya dun kami sa isang tumbling lang from the house.

And this is what we got…

I think the peanut enjoyed the dinner because he was dancing, yet again, inside. And I noticed that s/he’d be extra giddy everytime naririnig ang boses ng Tatay nya. Promise. Like kanina, while eating, gagalaw sya everytime the companion would talk. Parang baliw!!! Maybe s/he thought that Tatay was talking to him/her.

Syet! Naiinis na ko sa s/he at him/her na to. I can’t wait na to know the gender of my peanut!!!! Si Doc kasi ayaw pa last week eh. On my 24th month na lang daw if I do CAS. Sayang daw pera. Ok naman daw the fetal heartbeat and the movement and size of the baby.


I was also thinking of getting things for the baby already. My officemate says that her sister got baby clothes early para habang di pa malaki tyan nya at habang di pa hirap to shop. I was thinking tuloy of doing the same but Mila says baka daw ma-stock yung mga damit if I buy agad. :( Some Aunties also didn’t want to get clothes yet because of pamahiin pero hello?! Pamahiin their face! But I believe in Mila. Baka nga kasi ma-stock lang. Plus we haven’t fixed my room yet. Papaayos ko pa to remove all the clutter. Which is like, 50% of the things inside the room. Hihihihihi… So baka madumihan or whatever. Hahahaha! So hirap!

This has been a long update already. Hihihihi.. Did I bore you to death because of my endless yada yada?! Sorry! I’ll be doing scheduled posts now. If you notice, I did lotsa scheduled posts last week. I was trying to clean up my backlogs so I could start with my travel posts already. Those are photo heavy. And sorting through the photo is sooo difficult. So please bear with me. But I’d still try to do my regular updates. Para naman I could kwento in real time.

Have a great week guys! Still too full from the dinner we had so I’d go back to sorting photos now. The peanut is also awake. I think I’d have a looooong night!

Please always include me and my little peanut in your prayers guys. :) I really wish s/he’d be healthy. And I’m sooo excited to see him/her. Yay!






The cramp-like sensations I’m feeling is actually called ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN. Go ahead! Google it. It’s actually one of the those little quirks that comes with pregnancy. Usually experienced during the second trimester because of the fast expanding belly. That’s why my OB was telling that if I feel sharp stab pain up to my groin, it’s okay as long as it'll only last for a couple of seconds. Which is exactly what I’m feeling. Medyo na-haggard lang ako because it’s been happening on and off since Friday night. Apparently, some women got it even worst. Alright, worry no more. :)

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