How To Wear Non-Maternity While Pregnant

You all know how much I’m raving about missing my clothes lately. I’m almost done with the first trimester and already sporting a baby bump. Some of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. I love dressing up and spending a couple of bucks for clothes doesn’t really bother me. Basta sa operation DYOSA carry lang diba? But in all honesty, I can’t bear to spend on clothes that I’ll only wear while pregnant. Hindi makatarungan. And plus they say that you are not supposed to buy maternity clothes in advance. Here in the Philippines its pamahiin but the more logical explanation is, you’re not sure how much change your body will undergo. Leaving a room for your bump is not enough. Some would have wider hips, some bigger bust.

And, I tried to check out the Maternity Clothes at isa lang ang napatunayan ko! Mahalia Rodriguez sila! It’s so expensive! Most of all, they are not even flattering especially for petite girls like me. I know I’m pregnant but I have all the right in the world to look sexy and gorgeous right? And so my battle against Maternity Clothes begins.

One of my favorite International Fashion Blogger, Carmen Ordonez of Viva Fashion Blog got pregnant last year and she too has been firm on not wearing maternity clothes. So allow me to share with you some of the tips I got from her and some from mine too.

By the way, I visited for some pegs that I’ll be using for this blog post. You all know how paranoid I am especially on doing online transactions, madami kasi akong naririnig na horror stories about bogus sellers. But Zalora of course is legit and well trusted so I am confident to do my “online window shopping” here. And being pregnant gives me the right to be tamad. So doing window shopping at the mall is like a big no-no. Online window shopping nalang! Plus, the Add to Bag/Cart button is one click away. Hihihihi!

1. You can get non-maternity items 1-2 sizes bigger than your non-pregnant self. Up until this time, despite sporting a baby bump, I haven’t bought a single new item for my wardrobe since I have loads of oversized shirt that I usually pair with super short shorts. During the first few months when I only look like super busog and not really pregnant, I would wear those huge shirts. Tipong yung sinusuot mo pag sa buffet ka pupunta. And now that I am sporting a “bump” already, I still wear those oversized shirts and those shift dresses that I got on bigger sizes. Minsan kasi pag maganda, carry na kahit medyo malaki diba? Nadadala naman ng belts. Lucky I have those already but if you don’t, go and buy! You can wear them post-pregnancy. Another good thing on getting them 1-2 sizes bigger is that it’s bigger NOT just on the tummy area. It’ll be wider too dabah? Giving room to your bust and hips.

2. Go for dresses without a defined waistline. We all know that the major change would happen on the tummy area so getting a dress or top without a defined waistline is the best. Get it a size bigger para sure. J Then cinch it with a tiny belt for definition and so it won’t look too roomy.

3. Go for Wrap Dresses. They are usually adjustable and is very flattering coz you can still define what’s remaining of your waistline. And they are office appropriate! Great for working moms like me. I currently don’t have wrap dresses so I guess investing on one would be a great idea.

4. Empire Waist it is! Every one of us for sure has this style in our closet. Especially those chubz chubz like me. They are flattering and they do the job of hiding your baby fats. Empire waist dresses and tops though would make sure that your baby bump would fit on the clothes. Again, get this a size or two bigger and if you could find those style similar to the one below where there’s an extra amount of fabric on the front – by all means gow!

5. Maxi dresses are your next bestfriend. I am not a fan of maxi dresses being petite. It’s so difficult for me to find a maxi dress with a decent length. But all maternity fashion gurus swear by them. It is a must on every pregnant woman’s wardrobe daw. Eh sino ba naman ako para kumwestion. I think these Maxi Dresses from Zalora is perfect. The empire cut maxi dress is just too gorgeous. While the colorful sleeveless maxi dress looks so comfy. I hope the second one’s fabric is stretchable though. So I could maximize the use. Puputulan ko nalang kung mahaba. Hihihihi!

6. Go for stretch and length. This colorful, long and stretch sando looks perfect. I say go for extra long sando because you don’t want to look like Winnie the Pooh right? With your tummy peeking out of the top. It’s okay if the sando is fitted as long as it’s stretchable. Investing on these items would be perfect. You can wear them during your entire pregnancy and you can still wear them after. Plus it’ll be very comfy! Go for those EXTRA stretchable ones. Or again, get a size bigger. Smile

There you go! I hope it’ll help expecting moms like me in planning your wardrobe for the entire pregnancy. Let’s just enjoy and savour this moment. Being pregnant, so far, has been a wonderful experience for me. I hope you feel the same way too.

And oh before I end this post, I just wanna show this maternity dresses that I found on Zalora! At ang mura nya mga ate!!!!!! *Cartwheel* Susko! Inikot ko last weekend (after my checkup) ang SM Manila kakatingin ng murang maternity clothes pero waley yun pala dito lang ako sa Zalora makakakita ng magaganda. And they are VERY flattering don’t you think. Simple yet flattering. BONGGA!!!!


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