Pregnancy! Pregnancy! Pregnancy!

I know that I sound like sirang plaka already. Talking about the pregnancy NON-STOP! I always always find myself talking to my mom friends asking for tips and advice. I would call Mila in the middle of the day to ask if a specific thing I’m feeling is okay or what to do on certain situations. I’d find myself reading pregnancy-related articles online and pregnancy books, my favorite is WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING. It’s so detailed promise!

But I personally advice expectant mothers out there to not read too much on Google. Hay naku! Sa kakabasa ko dumadami yung bawal sa akin. While my OB says there’s really nothing bawal naman daw except carrying heavy loads, which I don’t do anyway coz I’m lampa. Thanks to Google, I now don’t eat ALL raw food, tuna, salmon, ALL canned goods, eggplant, hotdogs, I take it easy on the cold cuts and I don’t wear make ups! Even if my fave DJ, Delamar, said it’s not really bawal. Eh may lead daw eh! Nyahahaha! Baka daw ma-absorb ng skin! And I also switched to baby-friendly toiletries. Shampoo and conditioner nalang hindi, kasi naman teh! The baby shampoos made my hair feel like steel brush. Oh diba? Nitry ko na talaga! Kaloka!

I know that I really need to relax and breathe a little. Promise! If you’ve got a pregnant friend, don’t suggest too much!!! Specially if those are not recommended to you by your OB! Or if those are just pamahiin. Coz promise, even if I’m such a modern person, I am guilty of being easily swayed now. Ewan ko din! I blame the pregnancy for this. Promise! This is so not me. But sometimes talaga, you’d think na there’s no harm in believing. Baka kasi totoo. You’d rather not do it just to be safe. Mga ganun? Not good. Really. Not good. I’ll try to be better and would develop my EQ promise.

But pregnancy really does affect what you’re feeling. I’m an emotional mess! I’d get annoyed easily. I’d get angry. I’d miss the baby daddy even if I just saw him. Sometimes, I’d question his love for me. Sometimes I’m worried that I am not doing everything right. Most of the time though, I’m happy. Enjoying every minute of my pregnancy. Feeling my baby from within. Trying to know my body more so I would know when to get alarmed and when to be calm.

I also notice that lately, I am getting very makakalimutin. And we all know that pregnant moms take loads of vitamins and eklavu for the baby. And sometimes, I’d forget if I was able to take a specific vitamin already. So hinanap ko talaga to sa mall last weekend.

No more trying to pressure myself on remembering if I already took the folic acid or the vitamins. I have it on the individual box. By the end of the day, dapat empty na sya para it means, complete na! Yey! I recommend this to expectant moms. Bawas stress din yan. Hahahahahaha! O ako lang ang baliw na nai-stress sa pag inom ng vitamins? Hihihihi..

I’m already nearing my 2nd trimester. Hopefully, things will get better. Hopefully, I’d be less tamad na and would blog about other things like my travels, food and fashion. I miss blogging about them. Kaso naman kasi, editing of photos are nakakangarag! No time. Specially now that I’m handling a huge project at work. Haggard much. But carry lang. I love my job anyway.

Alright, till next time my dears. And I hope hindi pa kayo naririndi sa pregnancy churva ko.




  1. Too much Googling is also not advisable even for non-pregnant women. Minsan we Google symptoms, tapos OA ang sagot. Like one time nag-Google ako ng pain in lower right abdomen, takte cancer daw. E sabi ng doktor, muscle pains. Nyaha! :)) Anyway, excited for ze baby! :)

  2. reigningstillAugust 31, 2013

    masama nga ang google ng google. nakakaloka na.

  3. hahaha.. I am also guilty with too much googling kase when I was pregnant then malayo ako sa family ko kaya si google lang kaagapay ko... Pero I later on realize nmn na hndi din consistent mga pingsasabi nung research... Hndi pla nkakarindi yung pregnancy churva kase it's really exciting to hear stories about being pregnant... inggit much me.. hehehe... Anyways,enjoy and always rest when your tired na....

  4. reigningstillSeptember 02, 2013

    Hahahahaha! Pero ganun talaga ata. We always consult google pag may questions db? Nyahahahaha! :) Pero bad nga din.

    Thanks talaga Manne. :)

  5. I don't believe in pamahiin too. I attended an event before about pregnancy (Delamar was one of the host) and the OB told us that it's okay to have your hair dye or hair treatment, kasi very minimal lang ang na-absorb ng body from hair. So it's okay, wag lang OA! When it comes to eating raw food the OB told us that it's okay too basta wag lang din OA. If your still in doubt just think of the pregnant women in Japan who used to eat sashimi all the time. It's also okay to wear make-up pero wag lang ung heavy masyado. I switched to The Face Shop cosmetics when I was pregnant with Cyler hindi kasi matapang ung cosmetics nila dun. So there, I also posted pregnancy tips in my blog few weeks ago those are based on my personal experience and advices from my personal OB, maybe you can check that too! Enjoy your pregnancy! :)

  6. reigningstillSeptember 04, 2013

    Thanks for the advice Sha. Yup! Read your blog about pregnancy. :) Thanks also for that.


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