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I am super duper “maarte”. I am a firm believer that a woman must ALWAYS ALWAYS look her best. Not for the people around her really, but more for herself. I would scold friends who’s wearing fashionably unacceptable wardrobe. My officemate/friend once said that she started to seriously think of her office attire ever since she met me. Coz I would always make side comments. Not nasty comments of course. More of a “friendly advice” thingy. And I am glad that they took it positively. Atleast fashyown na sila ngayon.

I am also lucky that even though my bestfriends are not super fashyown, they belong to the socially acceptable fashion class. So I really don’t need to bring out the nasty comments. Of course, I believe that you can only give nasty, honest to goodness comments to your best of bestfriends. Pag di masyadong close, wag ka ng magmarunong. Shut up nalang tapos laitin mo on your head. Hihihihihi! Joke lang!

So why am saying all this? That’s because I am so much meaner to myself when it comes to things vanity-related. Maybe that’s the reason why I always try to look my best. Everyday. And I promised myself that I would always look fab even if I become a mom myself. Ayoko ng losyang look. I wanna look as gorgeous as Heidi Klum. Or Victoria Beckham. Ok fine! Nahihibang na ko pag mga ganung levels ang pangarap ko, I just wanna look exactly like my single self. Or maybe, I could take a leaf out of Jennilyn Mercado’s book and be prettier than my single self.

And back when I’m single, I don’t see why I won’t be able to do it. I have always been maarte. Nasa buto ko na yun, so malamang once I got pregnant and have a child, parang magiging second nature ko na ang pagpapaganda right?


I have been enduring nasty comments from friends lately. They say I look haggard. They’d comment on my wardrobe. I can’t blame them coz di sila sanay that I look like this. Wearing a gray oversized top paired with gray leggings and silver sandals? No make up! No accessories! Hair in a tight bun! SO NOT ME!!! And if you’re a reader of this blog or a close friend of mine, sasabihin mo talaga, IMPOSIBLE!!

But I’m sorry. I am. That explains the lack of Maternity OOTD. :’( I find myself tamad lately. I suffered a serious bout of morning sickness during my first trimester. I’d woke up really early from a night of super interrupted sleep because I need to effin’ pee every 2hours hence I feel extremely exhausted. Then I’d suffer nausea and casual vomiting. By the time I feel better enough to go to work, wala na ko sa mood to fix myself. Wala na ding energy. I’d just grab the first huge thing I’d find in my closet and wear them. Screw all the fashion rules. Never mind my pale face. Never mind the accessories. As long as the clothes fit and I can move around and about, I am good to go. Most of the time, I would even forget combing my hair and would just end up twisting the hair into a messy bun and secure it with my goody spin pins. For the first time, in a very long time, I don’t mind how I look.

But then hearing my friends say I look haggard really bothers me. :( I know that they don’t mean anything bad but it really bothers me. Okay fine, it has been bothering me for the longest time (my katamaran to dress up) pero dine-deadma ko lang. But finding out that people already notice it alarms me.

Tapos I found this user, @upcloseandstylish on Instagram

Di ba? Nakaka-depress lalo si Ate!!! How can she actually wear jeans while pregnant? And how can she look so fab? San sya kumukuha ng energy? I was thinking nga na it’s possible na hindi sya totoong pregnant. Promise! Unan lang yan nasa tyan nya. Or it’s possible na hindi sya tao. She’s either a moving (well-created) mannequin or a Dyosa.

Look! She could still wear shorts!! Mine don’t fit me anymore. And she could even tuck her shirt in. How unfair!! Here I am sulking like crazy because I look haggard and has gained a couple pounds already then here she is looking fab?!! Andaya lang!

Although I’m trying my best to use her as my peg. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

I started late last week, I’m trying to bring my old sunshine back. I started wearing make up again and has been trying to fix my fashion dilemma. I’m just probably lost. It’s my first pregnancy and I don’t want to shop for maternity wear so much coz I’m afraid that’s not economical so I’m still wearing my non-maternity clothes. And yet, I don’t know what I’ll wear. Do I stick to huge tops or tent-like dresses? Ugh! Difficult much. I also haven’t shopped for new wardrobe items. I am so afraid to buy things that I won’t be able to use post partum. I am not rich, and being a mother made me even more kurips.

But these dresses are cute right? I could wear those!! And I could still wear them after pregnancy. I also love that she seems to wear non-maternity clothes also. Peg!

Now that I’m getting the hang of this pregnancy thingy, I hope things would improve. They were right when they say that it’s not easy being a mother. Heck! It’s NOT easy being pregnant!  But no more haggard days for me. I will look fab once more. I would wear accessories. I may ditch my heels but I’d get cute flats instead. Perfect once the baby comes out. Of course, I can’t run after my toddler with my 5inch heels right?
Malay mo, once of this days, I’d look as sexy as her…



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  1. "I am also lucky that even though my bestfriends are not super fashyown, they belong to the socially acceptable fashion class." <-- Bwisit ka ha! Ok lang, above averag naman ang brains namin ni Leng! :p


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