Hello Second Trimester, please be good to me!

Read on FB that another friend got knocked up! Woooww! Congrats Desi! I am so happy for you! Have a happy and safe pregnancy. :) Woooohooo!

Anyway, I’m already entering my 17th week as I type this blog entry and has recently graduated from the first trimester. Although I still don’t feel that “honeymoon” stage yet. Hilo + suka padin in the morning plus exhaustion ang peg ko. But I’m not really complaining! If all of this means a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy then I welcome them with open arms.

Although I am less tamad now. See? I blog! I blog! Yehey!

I am done with my first trimester. Done with the SSS maternity notification thingy, done with all the documents that must be submitted to the company after learning of the pregnancy. Done with the pregnancy announcement – which is dreadful if you’re a single momma like me.

But the worries are still there. The endless research of Do’s and Don’ts. The mommy blog hopping. The reading of Pregnancy books from cover to cover na parang may final exam ako kinabukasan. The hilo, pagod, suka and sakit sa katawan are all still there. And of course, the forever question of ready na ba talaga ako??

I am looking forward to the bigger baby bump, now kasi I have 50% baby and 50% fats in my tummy. I am looking forward to knowing the gender of my little Peanut. Looking forward to that first kick or those little butterflies in my tummy. Ang dami pang little milestones. :) Nanay and Tatay are so so excited.

Though I hope that these mood swings would finally ease up. Promise! I am that bright ray of sunshine before. Always positive. Always cool. Pero ngayon I am a monster. A pregnant monster . And the boyfriend is my number one victim.

Here, allow me to make kwento:

The boyfriend would always pick me up every night. Walang palya kasi that one time pumalya sya, nagwala ang lola mo. Anyway, we’d always walk from Paco Market to my house every night coz that’s my exercise. While walking, asar na asar ako coz he’s teasing me. Alam na ngang pikon ako lately, ang hilig hilig pang mang asar. And he’d usually get a slap on the arm and loads of sigaw from me. And yes, I do that while walking. Hindi naman OA sigaw na nakakahiya levels but my voice is kinda loud. He’d laugh naman while sumisigaw ako so para lang kaming lovers na umaarte (yuck!). Pero ako talaga pikon na pikon. Then he suddenly noticed his barkada. Nag uusap outside the house of one of their friends.

Companion: (making puppy-like sound)

Me: Oh anong nagyayari sayo? Bakit ka gumaganyan?

Companion: Honey, maamong tuta ako ano ka ba! Andyan tropa ko wag mo ko awayin. (then proceeded to making his puppy-like sound with matching tungo)

Me: Ahahahahahaha! Kaya pala ah! Asarin mo ko dali! Ngayon mo ko asarin.

Companion: Maamong TUTA nga ako honey.

Me: Ano kaba? Maamong TUPA yun, not Tuta.

Companion: Ah! Eh hindi ko alam sound ng tupa ney. Tuta nalang.

Hahahahahahahahhahaha! Oh diba? Nagpanggap naman ako nung nakalapit na kami sa friends nya, I was sweet and I allowed him to talk to them. After a little chat, we left na din. Alam nya kasing maiksi ang pasensya ng buntis nyang jowa.

Companion: Oh honey malapit pa tayo sa kanila ah! Mamaya mo na ko gulpihin pag liko natin.

Hahahahahahahaha! I am such a bad girlfriend. Sabi nya he’s patient daw because I got the baby in my tummy pa. Antayin ko daw lumabas at lintik lang ang walang ganti. Bwahahahahaha!!




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