So, it's positive!

So, yeah! The #BigReveal is up.

Here’s my VERY VALID excuse for being TAMAD. I know, I wasn’t able to blog as much I used to. It’s not that I don’t love you, my dear readers, anymore. It’s just that, you know…


*Gasp* *Gasp* *Hahahahahaha*

Oh well, most of the people who learned that I’m pregnant just can’t believe it. Lahat sila akala nila JOKE! Mga bwiset! Someone even told me that I looked like a pregnant woman for 2yrs now, wala naman daw batang lumalabas! Double BWISET!!!

Anyway, the rumors are true. I am actually almost 10weeks preggers as I type this blog entry. And I must say that I am so excited to share with you guys my journey to motherhood.

So chikahan portion na….

You know, I’m one of those lucky girls who could expect Aunt Flow to come on the dot. And I have this awesome app on my phone that tracks Aunt Flow’s visit. Actually, I downloaded it before for one reason – nakakalimutan ko kasi kung kelan ako last nagkaron and since I’m always sick and visits the doctor often, isa sya sa mga automatic questions at nahahaggard ako kasi hindi ko alam ang sagot.

So there, My Calendar (an Android app) has helped me in answering the doctor’s questions plus it showed me that I have an insanely regular period. Sometimes it’ll come a day early or a day late pero yun na yun. Masaya si My Calendar promise! Download nyo. You can also track your weight and you can add notes and everything.

And then come July. I was expecting Aunt Flow already but it didn’t come. I must admit medyo kinabahan na ko nun. Although having a child before I reach 30 is part of my life plans. But when it’s there already, nakakakaba! Things are running in my head – am I ready? Am I healthy enough? Do I have enough money to actually feed a child? Baka magalit si Boi kasi hindi na lang sya ang baby ko!

And so after 5days that I was delayed, I already got myself a PT kit. My first try gave me a FAINT LINE! Anak ng tokwa! But I read on Rica Peralejo’s blog that a faint line is positive already. And my friend says that according to a film she watched, a PT can give you a negative result when it’s actually positive but never the other way around. So when you got a positive result, it only means one thing, it is indeed positive.

Allow me to say though that I was super kaduper kinakabahan that time. I know I want it. But there are doubts in my mind. I am happy, but I am so freakin’ worried!!! So the next day, I tried again. This time, I got a slightly clearer result. Pero medyo faint padin.

After that, tinanggap ko na! I am indeed pregnant. But I still wanna be sure so I went to an OB that weekend. The OB confirmed my pregnancy but I was advised to not expect much yet. My baby is just a blip on the ultrasound machine. Just a teeny tiny bilog. No heartbeat yet. So I waited for 2 more weeks to confirm. After 2 weeks, I went back to my OB and had my baby checked. Ayun! May heartbeat na. Bongga!! Pero isa padin syang bilog.

After that, I told my parents already and then my Boss and then my bestfriends. But I didn’t feel the need to actually make a big fuss about it. Walang post ng PT kit sa Instagram at FB. Walang mga kemerlu. But I do post things that made some of my friends confirm the pregnancy. And when people would ask me, I’d confirm it.

So you ask, why am I blogging about it now? Eh ang dami ng nagtatanong. And almost all of them asks the same thing over and over! Ganun pala yun. Kakastress sa buntis yung ganun guys. Promise! Pag may kakilala ako na nagbuntis, iko-congratulate ko lang! Hindi ako magtatanong! Hahahahaha!

So here are the common questions:

Q: Ilang buwan na?

A: Almost 10 weeks. (Syempre, check nyo na lang ang date ng post na to pag late nyo nabasa tapos kayo na magcount)

Q: Naglilihi ka? Anong pinaglilihian mo?

A: I don’t think I do lihi. Sadyang matakaw ako and I have my cravings kahit nung hindi pa ko buntis. So I don’t think makatarungan na isisi ko sa pagbubuntis ang mga kini-crave ko ngayon. And gaya dati, nag-iiba sya. And most of all, hindi ako naglilhi sa sampaloc. Nagkataon lang that I found this yummy tamarind candies from Thailand and it helped me with my suka moments. Kaso nagsasawa na din ako sa kanya, bet ko na ang gummy bears ngayon. Nyahahaha!

Q: May morning sickness ka na?

A: Isang malaking OO!! Takte! Actually, I think I’m on the height if my morning sickness-ness. And I’m telling you, it happens all day. Not just in the morning. But I think mine is worst in the morning and in the afternoon. And freakin’ difficult. I so hate the suka moments. Really! The hilo, I can take. But the suka? OMG! Kaya naman pala yung mga nanay akala mo kung sino sa mga anak nila! Ang hirap pala ng pinagdadaanan. Hahahahaha! But I haven’t pulled a Kate Middleton yet. And I hoping never.

Q: When are you getting married?

A: I am not getting married. Not in a year or two. Don’t get me wrong. I love the father of my child. And he’s so excited to be a father himself. He’s taking care of me and has been very patient with me and my endless tantrums. Pero walang divorce sa Pinas mga ate!!! I don’t want to rush things out just because I’m expecting. Marriage for me is sacred. I am a very open minded woman. I am okay with RHBill, with same sex marriage but divorce I can’t agree. I mean, I don’t wanna go Britney on my jowa. You know, marrying him today and then file for a divorce the next day. I want both of us to really think about it. We can be parents without getting married. And being parents are separate from being husband and wife.  But I do pray that one day, I’ll marry him. Maybe not very soon. But hopefully, soon.

Q: Bakit ayaw mo pakasal? Anong ibibigay mo na pangalan sa anak mo?

A: In all honesty, this is that one question that goes into my nerves. I want a happy pregnancy my dears. So if you really care about me, don’t ever ask this question. Nakaka-highblood! Kelan pa naging pre-requisite ang marriage certificate sa pagkuha ng birth certificate ng bata? And I may be single but I can give a name to my child. I will give MY name to MY child and I will make sure s/he’ll be very proud of that name. And maybe once nagpakasal na kami ng jowa ko, pwede na namin palitan ang surname nya. Don’t worry, di ko paabutin ng sobrang tagal yun. Para mura lang ang legal fees. And if ever, hindi kami magkatuluyan ng jowa ko pwede naman nya i-adopt ang baby namin for legalities. Lakas maka-James Yap at Krissy! Nyahahahaha!

Q: Anong nararamdaman mo?

A: Morning sickness. I got this nasty balakang pain. Some random cramps. Breast sensitivity and tenderness. I easily get tired. And I ‘m having backpains. All of those are not alarming though. I guess all of those are part of my journey to motherhood. So walang reklamo. I welcome them with open arms! And loads of tantrumsin between. Hahahahahaha!

Q: Anong bawal sayo?

A: My OB actually told me that walang bawal. Just no lifting heavy objects (which I never do anyway). So most of the bawal are self-imposed. One thing though, I urge new moms to stop researching via google. Ate! Mauubos ang listahan ng mga pagkain pag umasa kayo kay google. Lahat bawal!!!! I swear. But here are my self imposed bawals:

-coffee/tea ( I limit myself to 1 cup of tea a day and I try to drink the decaf one or yung second luglog to tone it down a bit)

- softdrinks (but I sometimes give in to a sip or two pag no choice na talaga)

- hotdogs and cold cuts (a friend says that it’s high in nitrate but you can eat hams that are well-cooked, I don’t know if this is really bawal but I think all processed food are indeed bawal naman)

- processed food (I try to minimize my processed food intake as much as possible coz we all know it’s not healthy)

- raw food (I don’t want to get tummy aches so I stay away from them. This is just for precautionary measures on my side)

And of course, the usual bawal like alcohol and cigarettes. I am also trying very hard not to over eat. I take small frequent meals coz I noticed that my suka moments are usually hardest when I get myself full. Plus I’m freakin’ hungry all the time. So taking small frequent meals would ensure that I don’t overeat. I also drink loads of water. I bring my water bottle with me all the time. I’m also super picky with the water that I drink. No more house water for me. My tummy is a bit sensitive sa tubig and they say that diarrhea is super bad for the baby so I am making a conscious effort to make sure that I drink clean water all the time.

So there! It’s already lengthy but I hope I was able to give a very detailed introduction of the next chapter in my life. And I hope you guys would be with me on this journey. I am a newbie. And most of the time, I don’t know what to do. But I love my child. And that love, I know, would lead me to the right path.




  1. Christine Joie RelevanteAugust 11, 2013

    Congratulations Aubrey girl:) stay happy:) mag aantay pa din ako ng outfit posts kahit preggers ka na:p bwaha

  2. Since you are already "sawa" na with the tamarind candies, can you just give those to me?! Shipping fee mo na lang sa pagdeliver ko ng gummy candies mo! :p

  3. reigningstillAugust 11, 2013

    Mauubos na sya ate! Hahahahaha! Pag nakadaan ako ulit sa SM. :)

  4. reigningstillAugust 11, 2013

    Thanks Joie! :) Oo! Pag malaki na talaga tyan ko. Ngayon kasi mukha palang akong bundat. Nyahahahaha!

  5. Congrats Aubrey! Happy to hear that your proud of it, blessings yan at hindi dapat i-deny. Daba? So stay safe and wag masyado kumain ng fatty food and ang sugar intake bawasan, have a healthy and balance diet ah. Remember that being preggy is not an excuse para maging matakaw! Okie? Congrats again! :)

  6. Oh and drink Buko juice and cranberry all the time to prevent UTI, that's very phrone to preggy women. :)

  7. reigningstillAugust 12, 2013

    Thanks Sha! I will. :) Oo nga prone nga daw UTI. Eh bad daw yun.

  8. Gel Cruz-CortezAugust 12, 2013

    nakakaloka ka!!! akala ko joke lang kaya di ko binabasa plus busy ako ke buching ko...nakakaloka ka talaga!! Congrats!!! I love you bez! Ingat ingat ingat ng madameng madame ah. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  9. reigningstillAugust 12, 2013

    Thanks Bes!! :)


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