Hello There Little One!

Please say hello to the love of my life! My little one…

That’s the first official photo of my baby. No longer a blip. No longer an egg yolk. My baby has tiny feet and little hands already. I was so happy when I saw my baby yesterday during my ultrasound sesh. A tiny human being growing inside my womb. Speechless lang ako!

I was with my sister and my aunt then and they were super happy. My sister kept on asking questions to the doctor. Nakakaloka! But I am so happy because I know she’ll be a great aunt. She already love my baby as early as now and has been talking non-stop about out little one.

Of course I showed the pictures to the baby daddy and he was in awe. We are all just glad that my baby is healthy.

During the ultrasound sesh, my little one is already so likot! May pa-kaway-kaway pa!! As in those tiny feet and hands are moving and we can see it. The sonologist checked the heart rate and took measurements and everything is normal. I have a very healthy baby.

Kaso mga ate I have sipon right now. I was advised to do water therapy and take vitamin C and eat loads of fruits rich in vitamin C. The OB doesn’t want to give me any meds yet and I agree. As much as possible I don’t want to drink meds. Ganun pala yun. Before, matigas ulo ko. I mean, I follow doctors orders as much as possible pero not all the time. Kunwari, I have sipon, I’d still eat ice cream! Sarap eh! But now I can’t. I am super worried. They say that if the mom has sipon the baby would have it also. AYOKO!! My baby would be so kawawa. Hirap kaya huminga and ang sakit sa ulo. Kaya I rest as much as possible and lumalaklak talaga ko ng water!!

Ayoko mauwi sa flu! I have always been like this. Especially after the rainy days. I have super weak immune system. And usually, after the allergy attack followed by colds, I’d get flu na. But this time, NO WAY! Bawal!!! Do I have any blog readers who’s already a mom? I need your advice please on how to battle this nasty bout of colds. So far, I’m on Potencee overload and water overload and fruits. But my mom says that oranges and dalandan (any pulpy fruit actually) causes itchy throat. And I hate to admit it but I think she’s right! After eating 1 dalandan last night, I had itchy throat na. Even if I washed it with loads of water. Ano pa bang fruits ang high sa vitamin C? Hahahaha! Shungaks lang. Sowrey!

Anyway, you guys take care huh. Right now, and daming flu virus na naglipana. Some of my nephews and nieces are battling flu already. Ganyan talaga after the baha. Sakit naman mapapala mo! :)

I’ll try to blog as much as I can but I really wanna rest lang muna. And I am still trying to have a positive disposition despite the worry I am having lately. Although now I honestly believe on mother’s instinct. Even for first time moms like me, ang lakas eh. You’d really know if the baby is okay and when to actually worry. So far, I can feel na my baby is so happy inside. The baby could feel my overflowing love probably.

I’m so excited on the next ultrasound sesh. The sonologist says we could do it on the 4th or 5th month maybe. By then, we’d know the gender of the little one. Yiiiheee!!!

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P.S.: May extra points ba ko for blogging about this give away Joie and Jerellt? Gusto ko manalo eh! Nyahahahahaha!!

O sha! I’ll doze off na muna. But wiwi first. Yan ang hirap sa water therapy. Wiwi forever! But I don’t care!!! All for my baby love.




  1. Nicole AguinaldoAugust 26, 2013

    Awww congratulations!!! :)


  2. reigningstillAugust 26, 2013

    Thank you so much Nicole! :)

  3. Tol, kamukha mo si baby! HAHAHA!!!

    Walang extra points e, pero sumali ka araw-araw para more chances of winning! :p

  4. reigningstillAugust 31, 2013

    malaki lang tyan kamukha ko na agad?? hahaahahha!!

  5. Congrats Aubrey... I suggest na you should exercise din to prevent din
    na mgkasakit ka sa akin it really helps pero you should still ask the OB
    about that... Kainggit sana ako din mgkaroon na ng kasunod... Take care

  6. reigningstillSeptember 02, 2013

    Thank Manne!! :) I do some walking. Yun lang exercise ko. Hahahahaha! hindi kasi talaga ako ma-exercise na tao eh. Pero talagang naglalakad ako ngayon. Tapos little stretching lang.

  7. Hello there baby! Enjoy the magical world of motherhood, Aubrey! Eat kiwi it has Vitamin C too! Guava is okay, pero baka ma-constipate ka! So orange, kiwi, vit c, and lotsa water! Get well soon!

  8. reigningstillSeptember 04, 2013

    Thanks Sha!


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