The "Ketchup Gang" Modus Operandi

I think my experience just this morning deserves a space in this blog. I want it to serve as a warning to my fellow commuters. I am just so thankful that I have a clear mind at times like this. And the fact that I notice almost everything around me.

Feeling ko Sure ako na muntik na akong mabiktima ng “Ketchup Gang” kaninang umaga in Makati!

I ride PUJ’s like most of the yuppies in the Metro. So I was happily sitting in the jeepney while listening to The Morning Rush nung sumakay yung 3 lalaki. We we’re at the Makati Avenue then. The first thing I noticed was the fact that pinagsisikan nung dalawa sa harap ko na umupo kahit super sikip na then the other one sat beside me. Then I noticed that one of the guys in front me looks suspicious. My words to my friends are that I notice him coz he’s PANGET. But of course hindi lang yun ang dahilan why I kept my eyes on him, subtly. I noticed that he was eyeing me. I saw him look at my bag once. And since I am using a huge SkullCandy Headset, I know that they are sure that I got a phone/ipod. I was also using my Nine West tote bag that doesn’t have a zipper. Isang magnetic button lang at the center of the bag but its basically almost open. I don’t mind though coz my tote bag is kinda deep. Medyo mahaba sya so bago madukot, effort talaga. Pero ibang usapan kanina coz the bag was sitting on my lap. so medyo scrunched sya.

I was keeping one eye on the man in front of me and the other on my bag. I am in Makati. Malakas loob ko coz I am not alone in the jeepney and that madami namang guards and police in the Makati area.

Then the guy seated beside the pangit man informed me that I have ketchup on my back. As in with urgency ang pagkakasabi nya sa akin with matching kalabit pa on the tuhod. At first, I must admit that I was caught off guard. Syempre naman! Ketchup?? On my cardigan?? At freakin’ 9AM??? Wala pa ko sa office ang dusing ko na!!!!

On ordinary day, or maybe if I’m at home, I would have freaked out. Would HAVE checked on the ketchup right away and make sure I clean myself up. But that morning, I am so thankful to our Lord God for giving me a clear head. So I did what a smart commuter should have done, I didn’t panicked. I removed my headset, put it inside my bag, closed my bag and wrap the handles of the bag on my wrist. As in pinulupot ko and made sure it’s secured. Then I checked on the ketchup but still making sure that I don’t turn my back. The ketchup was on my right shoulder. Tipong you would really need to turn around in order for you to get a full view. In my head I was like, CRAP!! Bad morning. Pero ni-deadma ko. I was thinking, mamaya nalang pagdating sa office. Let the ketchup stay on my back for all I care! Kaso the guy was so insistent. As in sabi nya, “may papel oh!” and “marami sa buhok mo”. Dun na ko naghinala. I mean, being kind and telling a girl she’s got ketchup on her back is one thing pero yung mas concerned ka pa saken? Aba kuya! Ang busilak naman ng kalooban mo! (borrowed that line from my best friend)

Pero para matigil si kuya, I removed the cardigan. Kaso the guy seated on my RIGHT says na ang dami nga daw ketchup. Boom! Gagong yun. I know right then and there that he’s also a kasabwat. The ketchup was on my right shoulder. He was seated on my right. Tapos nakahawak sya sa handrail ng jeep. His arms and shoulders would have been enough to cover whatever it is that he’s doing while magkatabi kami.

When I removed my cardigan (dahan dahan of course and still making sure that I am all eyes on my bag, deadma na kung kumalat yung ketchup), the guy in front of me kept on insisting I got ketchup on my hair. You know what I did? Winasiwas ko nga yung buhok ko para mapunta dun sa katabi ko yung ketchup. Eh nakaputi pa naman sya. Bwahahahahaha! Gago sila! Pero deadma na ko sa ketchup once I took off my cardigan and put the cardigan on my bag. Para dagdag pantakip sa bag ko. Tapos I asked the guy na katabi ko if he saw where the ketchup was from. Sabi nya, from a van daw. Eh bakla sya may grills yung jeep. Nagtataka din ako kung asan yung papel na sinasabi nung nasa tapat ko. Kasi kung yung ketchup nanggaling sa van na nagtapon ng papel with ketchup, sana dumikit yung papel sken. Plus, may grills nga! Pano yun? Tsk! Tsk!

Kaso mo, nung pumara ako along Ayala Avenue bumaba din sila! I got so nervous then. Sure na kasi ako na ako ang target nila eh. So pinauna ko sila bumaba. Still keeping my bag handles tightly wrapped around my wrist. Pagbaba ko, I walked a little then nung nasa tapat na ko ng building with a security guard I searched the crowd for the three idiots. Nowhere in sight! Still I kept on looking until I am sure waley na talaga sila.

Nakakaloka! Searched on google for ketchup gang modus operandi and saw a couple of posts. Two are VERY similar to what happened to me this morning. And a couple more where they use dura (ew!), bubble gum and other yucky stuff. OMG!

Then my officemate mentioned that sweldo nga pala kahapon. Akala siguro nila, mayaman pa ako ngayon! Eh well, sorry nalang sila coz mahirap na ko! Naipamudmod ko na ang sweldo ko sa mga nangangailangan gaya ng tubig, kuryente, phone, internet bills. Sama mo na din ang grocery! Tse!!!

Anyway, I hope you guys spread this para aware ang mga tao sa latest modus operandi na to. Well, not really latest pero hello?! Nangyayari padin sya. Also, when you’re at that moment minsan hindi mo talaga maiisip na masasalisihan ka eh. But bear in mind that it’s their aim to distract you. So when you’re in public, always be alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic! Di bale ng OA wag lang shungaks. Orayt guys?!!

Take care always!!!




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