Saud Beach (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte)

After a full day of touring Ilocos Norte, we reached finally Saud Beach at around 7ish or 8ish PM. So after that hiatus at Villa Del Mar and a very fast “freshen up” time, we strolled along Saud Beach cove and scout for a place to dine in.
We we’re supposed to just dine in Villa Del Mar’s resto (heck! I was even looking forward to that sinigang na hipon) but it was already super late by the time we finish and we can no longer order. Sayang! Nag-all out pa naman ako sa budget after hearing that they got seafood on the menu! Fail!
Anyway, as we we’re night strolling on the beach, we came across Apo Idon. At dahil di namin afford ang mag stay sa kanila, dun nalang kami kumain!
Apo Idon’s interior looks class. But I wasn’t able to take as much photos as a blogger is supposed to take. I am so starving by that time and is not thinking straight. Nyahahaha! To hell with blogger duties! I am hungry!!! @_@
But our Apo Idon experience is yet another fail. They had us wait for our food for almost an hour! An hour!!! And I am in a near death situation here. I was again so pissed but we really can’t do anything. Most of the place are already closed and we don’t have the energy to look for another resto. And so we waited in vain.
It was really disappointing. We kept on asking how long it’ll take them to serve our food and they kept on saying its already coming up. Kaasar! Buti nalang I am with the world’s craziest bunch of people, dinadaan sa tawa ang aberya! So we we’re able to survive because of jokes like: (1) hinuhuli pa daw yung manok, nakatakas sa kulungan (2) inaani pa yung palay tapos kelangan pang bayuhin para maging bigas (3) mag iigib pa sa dagat para makatipid sa asin. And a thousand more that I can no longer remember! So basically, pag tumatawa ka pala napupuno ng hangin ang tyan mo. Nakakabusog din yun!!!
So how’s the food you say? It’s okay. It’s actually pretty good. But don’t quote me on that. Remember, I am in a near death situation then. Pwedeng kaya lang ako sarap na sarap kasi mamamatay na ko sa gutom!!!
But all in all it was okay. Sobrang tagal lang talaga.

We saw a group of people lighting lanterns on the beach on our way back to the resort. They are gorgeous! We can’t help but snap a few photos but the above photo is the only decent one that I was able to get. But I swear they are much prettier in person. After a couple of minutes, we saw loads of flying lanterns in the sky and they look like an effin’ constellation that moves. Next time magaya nga yan! Saya!

After dinner, everyone stayed on the girl’s beach front cottage for some poker games. Actually, Paolo and I tried to do a night swim kaso ang ginaw!!!! Hindi ko keri! Hahaha.. So back to poker.
I had my poker chips ready for a night of poker. Kaso after a couple of hours, knock out na ko and the other girls. Borlogs galore na because we were super tired.
The following day we learned that Paolo and Ad played poker until around 3AM! Kaya ayun, Ad was knocked out the next day. Hindi nakapag swim ng maaga sa beach. Hahahahaha!
We woke up early the next day. Actually, Paolo woke us up. Beach time na daw sabi ni Boss so we had no choice but to oblige. We got up, put on swimwear and headed to the gorgeous Saud Beach!
There are loads of people in Ilocos that time since it’s summer. Plus the Jollibee Cross Country challenge is happening in Saud Beach that time. Kaya pala when Pao and Kalli swam on the deeper part of the beach, they saw some treasure chest. Muntik pang pakielaman ni Kalli yung isa! Hahahahaha!
We also took that time doing photo ops. Partida wala kaming waterproof camera! I used my old digicam and did ninja moves. You know me, I have to take pictures! And I’m not hungry anymore so I am in the mood.
Kalli and IAllaine, Paolo, Cath, Me and GeloGelo and I with our telenovela pose
And of course…mawawala ba ang jump shot???!!!!
All in all, I love Saud Beach. The sands are a bit course but on a good way. It’s not really powdery fine but I like it this way. I feel like I’m getting a foot massage as I walk. The waves are not too strong so we we’re able to get a couple of swimming lessons from Pao. I now know why people love Pagudpud’s beach. :)

We left Villa Del Mar after lunch and bid goodbye to the gorgeous Saud Beach Cove. But I promise, I shall return to your glorious beauty one day.

P.S.: You may click on the Ilocos tag at the bottom of this post for more details of Ilocos adventure.

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