Marcos Museum and Mausoleum (Batac City, Ilocos Norte)

Just a couple more Ilocos posts and I’m done. But not complaining! I love travelling. And looking again at the photos made me miss the place so much and just made me feel blessed that I was able to travel and explore my country a little bit more. Not all was given the chance to go places and my little feet touched so many places already. I am one lucky girl.

Another place we did visit is the Ferdinand E. Marcos Museum and Mausoleum in Batac City. This is one place I really wanted to visit coz I wanna share the experience with Mila. She’s a big Marcos fan.

The above photo is what Imelda Marcos wore when President Ferdinand Marcos died in Hawaii on September 1989. And the quote above really touched me – “For every tear you shed, there will be victory”.

So now let’s explore the life of the President I didn’t really know but has done undeniable great things to the country.

The Marcos Museum houses loads of memorabilia of the late President. From his stint at the AFP to his Presidency. You’d also see some of Imelda’s items and it’s contribution to Philippine history.

The place was packed when we arrived. There are loads of tourists on the old spanish-style house but that didn’t stop us from checking out the place.

Outside, you’ll see this huge tarp that show’s Marcos and his accomplishments. Him being the top on the bar exams. His contribution to the Philippine government during his reign as the president.

Inside, you’ll see a lot of memorabilias of the president. From his suitcases to his shoes to some papers and some awards and some ties and hat. Everything.

Then of course, Marcos as the President.

And well, Ferdinand Marcos won’t be The Ferdinand Marcos that he is without the gorgeous Imelda…

I am a fan of Imelda. If only because she exudes elegance and class like no other. Her name would pop on my books, where she’s supposedly invited to a Princess’ party where only the elites are allowed. She’s that clazzzzz. And her elegance and fame is recognized around the world. She’s the “IT Girl” of all the It Girls.

And my eye pops upon seeing her gorgeous Terno and coats and dresses displayed on the Museum. Her taste is timeless indeed.

After checking out the museum, we went to the Mausoleum where the remains of the President lies to pay our respects.

Cameras are not allowed inside so no pictures for us.

And there he was, lying on a glass coffin in an air conditioned room.

According to rumors, what we actually saw are not the real remains of the President but rather a wax replica. So we were really looking closely. Well, as close as we can because the coffin is corded. So we’re like a meter or two away from him.

Our verdict? Half says it wax. Half says its real. A handful is unsure. Hahahahaha!!

So you go ahead and visit m’dear readers. And tell me what you think.




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