Paoay Sand Dunes (Paoay, Ilocos Norte)

Another Ilocos Post. Too many backlogs. Too little time…

And because we we’re able to save Php 2,500 from our Villa Del Mar accommodation, we decided to give Paoay Sand Dunes a try. Pasok sa banga ang budget kaya gora!!

Sand Boarding and 4X4 Rough Riding (Dune Bashing) are some of the adventures being offered in Paoay Sand Dunes.

They have Php 2500 good for 5pax (Php500/pax) 1hour adventure which includes Sand Boarding and Dune Bashing. We arrived late in the afternoon in Paoay Sand Dunes so as much as we wanted to really try both, we just have to settle with the 30minute Dune Bashing adventure.

The 30minute Dune Bashing adventure cost Php 1500 per 4X4 which can carry 5 pax. Since there are 7 of us, we feel that paying Php 3000 for 2 4X4 vehicles is just too much. And we don’t want to risk trying to squeeze in 1 vehicle coz of safety reasons.

Good thing Allaine’s killer smile melted the hearts of the Manong coz they agreed on Php 2000 for 2 4X4 vehicles. Score!!

I was ready to pass on the adventure coz I’m effin’ scared but they didn’t let me. So I meekly obliged to join the fun with one condition: I’ll be riding with Pao! Ha! He’s Superman so I’m very sure he can protect me with those big muscles of him. Nyahahaha!!

And so the adventure begins….

We we’re holding on tightly on the 4X4’s steel bar while standing on the back as the driver zoomed and did his stunts. It’s an extremely thrilling ride and actually felt like riding an actual roller coaster. The driver would climb steep sand ridges (as high as 20ft if I’m not mistaken) and then drop like crazy! Roller coaster in action it is!! I ‘m telling you, I’m holding those steel bars like I’m holding on for dear life. Thank heavens I got Pao who’d constantly hold my back to make sure that I am stable as I stand.

Those 30minutes of adventure is so worth it. Thank heavens I got friends who wouldn’t let me pass on such adventure. It was heart pounding action but it’s so much fun. I got bruises after but who cares? They serve as battle scar or bruises I mean. Whatever!

After all the thrilling rides, the driver brought us to these vast sand area for some photo ops. :) And of course you know what we did…


Ikaw na talaga Paolo Enrico and hari ng jump shots!!

Oh jump shots! I will someday perfect you. I swear!

(L-R) Cath, Gelo, Kalli, Paolo, Me, Ad and Allaine

Sige Gelo! I-push mo yang tumbling shots mo!!! Kaloka! And you guys have to look at Kalli!  She’s the worst in jump shots!!! I hope she’ll improve in CDO!!!

Someday I’d go back to Ilocos and try Sand Boarding. The Ilocos Sand Dunes are something you shouldn’t miss m’dears!




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  1. Christine Joie RelevanteJune 28, 2013

    ui gusto ko din ma try ang sand boarding! as in!

  2. reigningstillJune 28, 2013

    Pero weird. Feeling ko maliligo ako ng sand. :-S


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