Review: Camayan Beach Resort and Subic Beach Photo Diary


Our company summer outing was held at the Camayan Beach Resort. But you can also book Camayan Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales with Traveloka for your personal trips. I’ve already shared with you my Ocean Adventure adventure(?) which is a blast so allow me to tell you all about my stay on Camayan.


When I first heard that we’ll be staying in Camayan, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I’ve been with the company for around 3 yrs and the first 2 summer outings we’ve had are held on some kinda popular resorts like Fontana and Club Balai Isabel. Both experiences are awful by the way. So I was thinking, why Camayan? Since I haven’t heard of it. :)


But I guess, you’d never know what a gem you’d find until go seek it. The first two resorts I’ve mentioned are over-rated and so did not quite meet my standards but this one, passed with flying colors!

We we’re welcomed by a drum and lyre band. Those kids are wonderful by the way. And the staffs are all smiles the moment we stepped inside their resort. We were ushered properly and everything is ready. I am more than amazed at how organized they are. Of course, the event organizer (composed of officemates) are also to be credited but the resort staff are really organized and very accommodating. That’s one of the major boo-boo of those two popular resorts. They’ve got the worst staff. Unorganized. Unable to properly follow clear instructions. Didn’t provide the promised amenities. But Camayan’s staff sure made the organizer’s life a whole lot easier. When they say they got a space for your bag, we arrived with a ready space. They promised breakfast and the breakfast is there and was served properly. We even had ice cream! :)

So now, on the most important question – how was the food? It was AWESOME! :) They’ve got buffet tables strategically placed on almost every corner of the dining area. They’ve got the friendliest staff who assist us with everything we need. The place is clean. Walang langaw unlike Club Balai Isabel. The food is also great. Everything is yummy. Well for me of course. And they are abundant. When they say buffet, buffet talaga! Pwede ka magpabalik-balik. No food shortage!!! Yehey! Hear that Club Balai?? No food shortage in Camayan!! Hahahaha.. Sorry bitter padin ako kasi ako sa food shortage and very poor food quality of Club Balai. Naloka kasi ako eh!

And so the girl’s rooms are the beach front ones. While the guy’s rooms are the ones near the parking lot. Probably because the girls prefer to look at the ocean while the boys love their cars so much they can’t live a minute without checking it. Harhar!

Anyway, our room is good for 4 pax with 2 queen size beds inside. Though the boy’s rooms are more posh (they got an LCD TV, a ref and a bath tub), I like ours better. :) It’s simple and very comfy. I love the native design and architecture of our room. I love that it’s spacious and got everything that we need. Though I don’t know why our room don’t have a ref while our neighbors do. Nyahahaha..


So now let’s discuss the most important thing in any hotel/resort accommodation – the bathroom! I am not super picky on restrooms. Though medyo bitter ako sa bath tub ng boys, okay na din sa akin yung shower area lang. :) Camayan’s bathroom is clean and well-spaced. Hindi kagaya nung sa Acuatico na parang bata lang ang kasya. Pero hindi din naman kasing bongga ng bathroom sa The Pen. Sakto lang kumbaga. :)

They’ve got a heater which is a major plus plus! :) And their heater is actually working fine and it’s easy to adjust the water temperature. That’s one of my major issue with some resorts. Though they offer hot and cold shower, ang hirap naman timplahin! Either too hot or too cold. Weird! Camayan’s shower is easy to adjust and I love love love it.

No bidet. Minus point. But they got tabo so I guess it’s okay. :) One great idea is putting the lavatory outside the bath area. So pwede kang mag toothbrush sa labas while your friend do his/her thing inside the bathroom. Efficient!

Oh another minus point on the bathroom since they don’t have a drain on the toilet area. :’( So that area tends to water up. At haggard maglinis. You have to use that bath mat as sponge and then squeeze the water on the shower area. I know you are not supposed to leave the shower area soaking wet so to avoid the toilet area from getting wet pero wala eh. Some people are really kinda messy in using the bathroom. And some people (like me) can’t stand the wet floor so ako naglilinis. Haggard!


Some other things they have are clean bath towels. Facial tissue, phone and some paper and pencil. They also got a bible on the drawer. A TV, umbrella and a couple of hangers. Just the basics. But I got excited with the umbrella. Well, The Pen also has umbrella on the closet so I guess it really is part of the basics? I don’t quite remember if any other resorts also have them. Hahaha! :)


Though I’ve read a couple of bad publicity on FB about Camayan – and I must admit that I did believe some of them, my visit has proven them wrong. The staffs are friendly and accommodating and very efficient. They have a life guard that really do his job. The food is great and the service is awesome. The beach is clean and the amenities are superb.

So I guess its safe to say that I did love my stay at Camayan Beach Resort. And I’d definitely come back. :)

Here are some more photos. But they are not mine. Refer on the watermarks to see who took it. Have fun!

And oh! My photos are taken using my Samsung Galaxy S3. I am dying to get my hands on a new camera. The photos below are so awesome. They were taken by my photo enthusiast officemates. Yay! If only my photos are as awesome as these, I will be so happy!



  1. Kristel ValinoFebruary 27, 2014

    Hi just curious. How many were you in one room? I guess one room is priced for two persons right? did you pay for the extra persons? Thanks!

  2. reigningstillMarch 03, 2014

    There are four of us in one room. I'm not really sure on the payments and terms coz it's a company outing. :) Try contacting Camayan. For sure they've got great offers.

  3. Paolo CudillaAugust 27, 2014

    Nice review!Yes indeed, camayn beach resort is a paradise :) check my review on Camayan Beach Resort in Subic Bay Philippines thanks


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