Borawan Island (Padre Burgos, Quezon)


I have this group of budget traveler friends and we usually schedule at least one beach getaway every year. We love searching for those not-so-popular locations. We love virgin islands and the likes. It feels great to discover some secret places that you never thought would look so darn good. And it feels even better to know that you only need 2 thousand pesos to experience their beauty! What a SCORE! *fist pump*


We visited 3 islands in Quezon last year. Actually, our only target is the Borawan Island. They say it’s a combination of Palawan (because of the rock formations) and Boracay (because of the white sand) hence the name – BORAWAN. But we were lucky because we we’re able to visit 3! :) Will tell you the full details of my Quezon Adventure and the 2 other islands on a separate post. Again, I am chopping this blog post due to the number of pictures that I want to share.


We reached Borawan Island around 10AM. It was a very sunny summer day and perfect for the beach. The sand is really white though not as fine as Boracay’s. But what I love most on this island are the rock formations. Perfect for cam whoring! Though my fear of heights was tested big time! You must climb the rocks to get better pictures. Climbing the rocks also equates to a couple of scratches. O baka ako lang yun bilang lampa ako? @_@ But the boys sure enjoyed big time! They climbed the highest peak of the tallest rock formation. The one that’s “climbable” and goof around. It was fun!


Some travel information:
  • You need to pay either Php50 or Php30 or something as entrance to the island. Most of us left our wallet and money on the resort where we kept our things and parked our van. Buti nalang may mga sensible kaming kasama. Pero pwede naman atang ipabayad nalang sa boatman. :)
  • There are nipa huts that you can rent while staying in the island. They are perfect if you plan to have lunch there. But I suggest you take lunch on the other island – Kwebang Lampas. They have more trees there where you can “camp” at lunch.
  • They allow overnight stays at the island. There are some guests that bring tent. Not sure why because I didn’t see any toilet in the area. Baka meron tapos hindi ko lang nakita.

Though we went to Quezon because of Borawan Island, we spend only a couple of minutes there. Maybe around 45 minutes. It’s too hot and since kuripot nga kami, we didn’t rent a nipa hut.

For details of my Quezon (Borawan) Island Hopping adventure, visit this post:


  1. Hi, may i know anung resort kung san kayo nag-stay? Kasi were planning to go to Borawan by May, and we also have our own van. Question is we dont know where we will stay by the night and where we will park our van kapag pupunta na kame dun sa Borawan beach. Thank you.

  2. reigningstillApril 15, 2013

    Hi mgene! :) Thanks for visiting my site. :)

    We stayed sa Tamarid Tree Resort but I really don't recommend it specially if you'll go overnight coz its kinda pricey. I assume budget traveller ka din. We stayed there for parking lang kasi very safe yung place. They got guards everywhere! And we payed Php150 para sa lockers na mahirap buksan at para makigamit ng public CR nila. Medyo malamok din dun. Whole day kasi kami nag island hopping eh. :) Sila din contact namin for the boat. Nice naman ang mga boatman.

    They say Villa Anita is a better option. I haven't been there but i got loads of friends who told us we should have stayed there coz mura and the place is nice daw. :) They also offer island hopping package ata. Just make sure you tell your boatman na you want to visit the 3 islands. Madalas kasi they'll leave kwebang lampas. :) Enjoy your vacay!

  3. Hi! were planning to go to Borawan by May, how much po ang package sa island hopping? ty much! :D

  4. reigningstillApril 29, 2013

    Hi Yansky. Thanks for dropping by. :) Anyway we got the 1.8k na boat good for 10pax. Si Tamarind Tree Resort nagprovide nun. But I guess mga ganun lang din talaga sa lahat. :) We went there with really no contact and luckily okay naman. :) just make sure lang you mention that you want to visit 3 islands. Most blogs I saw kasi 2 lang pinuntahan nila.

  5. Hello po, we're planning to go there this coming weekend, inquire ko lng if mgkano accom sa Villa Anita?

  6. Hi, we're planning to visit and explore 3 islands, ask q lng if mgkano accomrate sa villa anita?

  7. reigningstillMay 21, 2013

    Naku I'm not sure kung magkano villa anita ngayon. Pero usually nasa 2k sya. Sa Tamarind Tree kasi kami nagstay. Google villa anita. May mga contact details kang makikita. Its safe kung sa kanila ka directly mag inquire. :) have fun sa quezon. Make sure 3 islands i-visit nyo.

  8. reigningstillMay 21, 2013

    Hi I saw this on google. :) You may try.

  9. Thanks po, sa information, excited na ako!

  10. reigningstillMay 22, 2013

    Hi Gael! You're welcome. :) Have fun in Borawan! :)

  11. The email add of Villa Anita was deactivated.

  12. reigningstillAugust 13, 2013

    Hi CoRics! Aaawww... Is it? Sorry but I don't know any contact numbers anymore. As I've said, I just saw that on google. :)

  13. may kuryente po ba sa island?

  14. reigningstillSeptember 30, 2013

    I'm not sure huh. Pero when we went there last year, parang wala. Maybe they have generators or something kasi there are people who stay there over night. :)


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