Ocean Adventure: Ocean Discovery Aquarium (Subic)


After the African Acrobats and Dolphin Show, our last stop in Ocean Adventure is The Aquarium. :) It was actually small compared to the likes of Manila Ocean Park which is humongous and there are too few fishes and aquariums. I’m not sure if they still have other aquariums on the area though because we just entered the one near the exit. Told you we were giddy to hit the beach by that time.


Though there are still some interesting things that you’ll see on the aquariums like the weird looking fishes and the even weirder aquarium setup. Some looked like a ship wreck while some looked like a huge chunk of rough stone. There are loads of corals as well. I am so glad that the camera of my S3 is good enough but I am still wishing of a better camera. There are loads of other fishes that I wasn't able to get a decent photo. A blogger needs a camera! But a poor blogger like me would have to settle on what’s available. I could easily buy a digital camera but I wanna get the best one! If you are a camera pro, please please leave a comment or email me for suggestions! @_@


Overall, it was a fun-filled adventure spent with a fun-filled bunch of friends. :) I really had a great time and I can’t wait to share my Camayan Review. :) Yay! My pending blog posts are piling up!! :) OMG! Madali lang talaga magsulat eh, mahirap lang pumili ng mga pictures at mag-edit!!! @_@

Rooks, Me and Kalli
My ever gwapo boss – Paolo

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