Review: AMCO Beach Resort and Lodging (Baler, Aurora)

Our first week of June was spent surfing in Baler. Before I give you the full details of my Baler Surfing Story, allow me to show you first where we stayed. :)


Being that thrift traveler that I am and with only Php 2000 per head budget, I went ahead to search for the most affordable place to stay in Baler. We only planned to stay overnight anyway so I think that as long as we have a decent place to sleep and rest after surfing, that’ll be fine. Also, we had a minor issue on the car that we’ll be using and ended up renting one so I really need to make sure that I manage our money wisely.

My Macho friends – Blehm (in white shirt) and Paolo (in black).

We initially thought of Bahia de Baler and Aliya Beach Resort, both are nice but both didn’t answer my email inquiry. So when we stumbled upon AMCO, who only offers Php 850/room good for 3 pax, it was settled. We’ll stay there.


I called the resort and the lady who answered the phone told me she was getting bad cellphone signal so she just asked me to send her an SMS. She was very prompt in replying to my inquiries and is very helpful. Another plus point! She also told us that we can have 5-6 people stay in one room without extra charge. 100 plus points!! They only ask for Php 150 if we want an extra bed. That’s VERY affordable I tell you. Pasok sa banga sa budgeting ko!


There are 11 of us who went to Baler. So we got 2 rooms. G.p and I need a shower heater so we ended up getting the Php 950 room (the one with heater) and the Php 850 room plus 2 extra beds, 1 for each room.

I was not able to take photos of our actual room coz we’re very tired! I actually forgot. And the moment they entered the room, everyone had marked their territory. Bags and stuff are all over! Hahaha..

The hallway

But allow me to describe our room. It has 1 double bed and 1 single bed. 1 mirror and 1 side table (placed between the two beds) which we moved into the corner coz we place our extra bed in between the 2 beds. The room is quite small. The moment we put the extra bed (which is actually just a foam), very little room was left for moving about. But considering the price, it’s more than okay! :) We got a TV which we didn’t use at all that’s located on the corner. It’s already air-conditioned so we had a good night’s sleep. I’m not super picky when it comes to restrooms. I’m not looking for posh toilets. As long at it’s squeaky CLEAN and as long as it has a heater, I’m good. And AMCO passed with flying colors. Not bad really.


The whole resort is nice. It has a spacious lawn and it’s a good 3minutes away from the beach. They’ve got a nice veranda where my friends had their drinking session. :) And most of all, the resort people are all nice and friendly!! They never fail to offer a smile and is very helpful. They patiently answered all our questions (MY questions actually) and is very accommodating. I tell you, great customer service is ALWAYS the key.


I just hope they’d make use of the pool outside. When we went there, the pool is a little dirty. AMCO people, your pool needs cleaning up! Though I don’t see people using it anyway. Baka style lang talaga yun. Baka pond, hindi pool. Oh well! Sayang pa din. Linisin nyo na para maging pool para plus points din yun! :)

The pool or pond(?) and the spacious lawn.
A great view from the second floor.

AMCO Beach Resort, Lodging, Restaurant and Recreational Center
Barangay Sabang,Baler, Aurora
(0921) 4117671
(0920) 9190590
(632) 3303515


  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2012

    Baler aurora is a very wonder full place.i am so proud of my home town.did you try to visit the mother falls and the biggest balete tree and the boulevard as the locals call it.there is also tge lukso lukso

  2. Oh no! We we're not able to visit any of those places. The moment my friends tried surfing they got soo hooked up that all our plans we're thrown out of the window. We spent 2 days in Baler surfing! But I guess it's ok since now, we have loads of reasons to go back! :-)

  3. How far is AMCO from Sabang Beach and town proper? Is it quite secluded. We're planning to stay here this week.


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