Dinner at the Alona Beach (Panglao Island, Bohol)

After our very tiring first day in Bohol (for details, visit my post here and here), our driver/guide helped us find One 4 da Road so we can relax for our next day adventure. We reached the place at around 7:30ish in the evening. Of course, we checked in and freshen up. Before we knew it, it was already 10:30ish in the evening and we’re all in dire need of dinner. So we decided to check out the Alona Beach!
One 4 da Road is located just a few minutes away from the Beach proper. Alona Beach is so much like Boracay. You’ll see different establishments lining just meters away from the shore. We saw a couple of clubs as well. I guess partying at the beach is a common thing here. Although they end up quite early. Or maybe because its not peak season or summer. We noticed that Alona Beach is buzzing with sooo many tourists. There are more foreigners in this area than Filipinos. Maybe because most Pinoys prefer the quite life in Dumaluan while foreigners love Alona’s more fun vibe.

Anyway, we decided to check out the establishments lining in Alona Beach to find a decent place for dinner. But as I’ve said, they kinda close up a little bit earlier than usual (usual in Manila that is). So at around 11PM, we’re already thinking that we might sleep hungry. :-S

Good for us that we saw an open establishment. We honestly don’t know what it’s called. It’s just like a huge nipa hut with cute lamps all over. No one is dining by the time we entered except a foreigner with a huge dog. I guess they are about to close out by the time we entered.


They don’t serve rice meals already because they run out of rice according to the waitress so we just ordered burgers and spaghetti. But I still got chicken and fries (feeling foreigner) because I honestly think I need that extra protein to boost my energy.


In all fairness, all of our orders are actually yummy. We all went gaga over the french fries. And the burgers are delicious. Beef patty it is! Like an authentic american resto. So I guess that’s why it’s a bit pricey. Atleast we had an awesome dinner!

Anyway after eating, while we’re on our way back to our Bed and Breakfast, we saw a group of foreigners who actually approached G.p and I and is asking if we could join them and party. Oh oh! I guess they think we’re hookers! And we honestly don’t know how come they thought of that when we’re wearing tee and long shorts. So as much as I don’t want to admit an obvious fact, but I guess they are soo used to Pinay hookers on the area. Sad honestly! But well, we gave him “the look” and walked away. I guess that must have cleared it!

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