Way Up North

I spent labor day way up north with 6 people I never imagined I’d be travelling with. But I had a great time! Real great time. Needles to say that in life, one mustn't be satisfied with just the circle of people they know. You must explore. Take chances. Smile at a stranger because you would never know when you’ll find a friend.

This is where I wanna start my Ilocos series blog. With a simple reminder that you don’t need to encapsulate your happiness with a bunch of people. Because true happiness can be found within. I had a great time on a lovely place with a handful of people I spent 5 days laughing.

Thanks Kalli for this lovely pic. Kahit na ilang araw bago ka natuto. Tipong pauwi na tayo! :) Huwaaaaw! Tsaka sana pinaalis mo muna sina Ate! :-P Muntik na maki-smile sa pic ko eh. Nyahahaha…

More Ilocos posts kapag nagka-oras ako!!! Oh well! :)


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