Review: One 4 da Road (Panglao Island, Bohol)

One uber late post! :-) I know! I know! I’m such a loser!
Anyway, days before our Cebu-Bohol Trip, we’re still looking for a place to stay. G.p and I met with 2 more friends in Bohol and we’ll be enjoying Bohol with them. I was all on the package in Dumaluan but they find it a bit pricey. Thank God a friend’s friend recommended One 4 da Road.
I was initially hesitant about it. I mean, haven’t heard of the place and all but it only cost around Php1450 per night for 4 pax and they have our major requirement… a heater! So I agreed.
I’m so glad I did agree though. The place is actually great! The room is clean and the people there are nice. If you’ll consider the price, it is really one major jackpot. It’s also just like 5 minutes away from the Alona Beach and near the resto. It feels like staying in Boracay actually.
For those who would like to stay here, you can find them on Facebook. Sorry I don’t have it’s number though.
One4daRoad is actually a Bar and Bistro but they have Bed and Breakfast located at the back of the bar. :-) It’s a nice place frequented by foreigners.
Our room cost Php1200/night. But we got an extra bed for our guy friend that cost additional Php250. So we only paid Php1450/night for the for us! What a bargain!
Our room has all the basic things that a traveller needs. They provide a safe for us to put in our valuables like phones and cash. Though their safe is not as big as our hotel room in Cebu which can hold our netbook but I guess it’s fine. They have the basics covered.
Of course, we have an AC. It’s pretty new actually. The entire room is new. I guess they have just recently ventured into Bed and Breakfast thingy.
We also have a cable TV. Though we seldom use this one but it’s nice to have it specially while killing time at night!
Since this room is for the travellers like us, they only have a little space where we can put our things and a small space to hang our clothes.
One of the things I check first in any hotel room is their bathroom. I mean, we need them clean right? So I am so glad that One4daRoad didn’t disappoint me. The bathroom is clean and they have water heater! Yey!
Also provided are some basic toiletries and towels. G.p and I didn’t bring our own towel so imagine how glad we are with them. Plus, their towels doesn’t smell like the ones we had in Diplomat.
To those twitter addicts like me but is not on data plans, you would find that staying here is one great decision. They’ve got Wi-Fi!!!! Yes! I didn’t really expect it. And well, I’m on data plans so I’m not really in dire need of it but I have my netbook with me. So I squeeze in one quick blog post while travelling. How cool is that?

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