Review: The Sound of Music (Broadway Musical)

♫♪ The hills are alive… with the Sound of Music ♫♪


Who among you here doesn’t know The Sound of Music? I mean, we all practically grew up singing Do Re Mi! And that classic “I am Sixteen going on Seventeen” song from the hit Julie Andrews movie…RIGHT?!

I really really wanna watch a Broadway musical since I haven’t watched any, EVER. And when Cats and Mama Mia went here, I was really dying to see it but they are uber pricey. :(


So imagine how happy I am that I won the twitter promo of the Resorts World Manila (follow them @rwmanila) for the 100th production of The Sound of Music that happened last Sunday (March 11, 2PM). Medyo napuyat ako dun and nangarag sa dami ng tweets but keri! I won and I’m glad!

I’m telling you, this musical is sssoooo worth it! I haven’t seen any other musical so I really can’t compare and I’m not gonna pretend that I know sooo much about stage plays because I honestly don’t BUT Joanna Ampil is extremely talented and she’s a brilliant actress. Her voice is so captivating I can not bear to take my eyes off the stage. The whole time, G.p and I we’re watching silently as if savoring every detail of the show. I love the effects and the lights and the stage is really awesome. I swear! It is definitely World-Class. Not to mention that the venue is soooo sa-shal! Newport Performing Arts Theater is The Place to be. A DJ even tweeted that the place is soo awesome she wanna live there and I couldn’t agree more. Harhar…

Also, the kids are sooooo cute and their voices.. oh my God! I swear. Those kids are to die for. I extremely love the one who played Gretl (the youngest). She’s soooo cute I wanna take her home! Perfect! Really!

And the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra is just fabulous! The entire cast are so perfect. I was loving the fact that they are so particular with every detail that they even have an Austrian accent! :)

The stage as whole is magnificent. I am so glad I was able to watch it and I swear, paying Php1000-2000 is more than worth it. This play made me feel so proud that we have those talents here in the Philippines. And I would have felt so bad if I missed a Joanna Ampil’s performance (btw, she’s also a graduate of PLM! Double proud!)

The play will run until May and I hope I’d be able to catch it again, next time I wanna see Ariel Rivera do Georg! And I hope we can watch it with our families next time. G.p’s mom would love it. I know she will.

Anyway, here’s what I wore for the play…

Shirt Dress from the US | Vintage Maong Shorts (almost not visible) | Flats from Greenhills
*A very quick fashion blog here!* And so, I opted for the “school girl” look since I’d be watching The Sound of Music and all (though I seem to look like a yaya or something! hahaha).

I love shirt dresses! I swear. They are the comfiest thing ever. And I really think you can never go wrong with a shirt dress. Wear a longer version of it and you’ll be all set for work. A shorter one (like this) is perfect for an afternoon at the mall. Just pair them with flats or heels… instant fashyown!

Here are some more photos of our “World Class” afternoon. :) It was indeed a Moment to Remember. Loved my first Broadway experience. I guess I’ll be catching more…

Me with my little girl Gretl!

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