Enchanted Kingdom!

(Date of Visit: September 24, 2011)

That’s how lame I am! Nyahaha! :-) Another uber uber late blog post.

Anyhooo… Last quarter of last year, I was finally finally able to visit Enchanted Kingdom! Yup! That’s my first time to ever go there. I don’t know! It’s just that I haven’t. I managed to secure free passes via our office so before we went to Bohol G.p and I decided to drop by.

Let me show you now how our day went…

Of course upon arriving, I immediately pose with the famous wizard in purple robes!

IMG_8976Purple Tee from Artwork | Vintage Denim Shorts

IMG_8979Gray Cap from Oxygen | Rayban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses


Notice that I decided to tuck my top on the front and let it lose on the back. I just wanted that cape effect! Plus my top is just waaayyy too long that it’s a bit longer than my shorts and I don’t want my shorts to get out of the picture. However, I still like the long tee. So there goes my solution, the cape effect! (Quick fashion blog there, back to regular programming.)

The first thing we tried is the Flying Fiesta! This for me is the best. nyahaha…



Candies!!!!! We hoarded some of these loves, specially the gummy ones. Nyahaha.. Feeling bata talaga!



I don’t know what these are pero feel ko um-emote! So go! And I honestly think I look hot. Tipong napagod lang!



G.p got really really scared here, she literally wants to go out of the boat. As in! I was holding her back telling her there’s no way she could go down! nyahaha…


This is the one we totally enjoyed!! G.p drove while I’m on the passenger seat taking pictures and videos! It’s really fun. Though I honestly don’t want to drive myself. So I let G.p do it for me which she totally loved!!



IMG_9052Colorful Beaded Bracelet | Crown Silver Rings | Hoop Earrings


Notice that I rode Anchors Away alone! I was not able to persuade G.p to accompany me. So I just showed her how much she missed. I love riding Vikings in Star City but I must say that this is indeed waaaaaayyyy better!


We didn’t try this one. G.p asked if I wanted but I honestly don’t like to! Though a teacher, a Physics teacher I guess, told his students, who were about to ride it, to do some experiments. He asked the kids to drop 1 peso and 5 peso coins at the same once they reached the top most and dropped to see which comes first. That’s lesson right outside the classroom! Way to go Sir!


IMG_9072Red Havaianas Slip-ons | Silver Pouch Bag from Avon



Long lines were waiting for us in Realto so we just busied ourselves with Twitter! Thank God for twitter, htc and mobile internet!




We also tried Riogrande and I came out drenched in water. As in I’m soaking wet! Thank goodness we came in prepared!


IMG_9102Vintage Tee | Pink Checkered Shorts (not shown in this pic)


We roode the Swan Lake and concluded our visit with the magnificent fireworks display! :-)


After the fun E.K. adventure, we decided to have some Milk Tea and chocolate cakes. What a life!




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