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Vista Land Elevates Condominium Living for Filipinos Nationwide through Vista Manors

February 19, 2024 0
Can’t really deny the fact that condominium living is really getting more and more appealing especially if you live by the city. And with th...

Review: Hidden Charm Cafe and Tree House Mansion Restaurant (Silang, Cavite)

April 23, 2023 0
Living in the south has it’s perks - we are now less than an hour away from Tagaytay and Silang! And so it is easier to visit every time we’...

Review: CuTs 4 ToTs Hair Salon

November 07, 2022 0
Gab is a handful. Unlike Skye who’s more easy to handle, this little boy is really giving me a run for my money. He doesn’t like many things...

Review: ZAGG Pro Keys Detachable Keyboard and Case for iPad

November 04, 2022 3
I was initially using the ESR Slim Flip Cover Case for my iPad Air 5th generation. I figured I needed the slim case for portability and aest...

Bonjour, Nice!

October 16, 2022 1
Bonjour! Your girl checking-in to let you y'all know that I am in Nice, France right now! To say that I am excited for this trip is an u...

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