#LockedInLove with Lock & Lock Tumblers

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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I’m a tumbler addict. Have I told you guys that? Promise I am. I hoard tumblers like crazy.

A tumbler is part of my everyday essentials. As in I have to have a tumbler of water on my bag for me and my daughter who drinks water all the time. (Hallelujah!) And I have a tumbler at work for my water and loads of tumblers here at home. I even have a tumbler for my tea and my coffee. Harhar!

Ako kasi I used to be really bad in drinking water. As in I could last the entire day with just a little sip. Until recently when I discovered the benefits of drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Iba ang effect nya sa health, as in. And on the skin too.

Anyway, back to the tumblers…

I love really cute tumblers. I remember a couple of years back when I was “training” myself to drink water, I would buy really really cute tumblers so I would get excited to drink from it. Ang korni no? But it works!!! And now I guess that strategy also worked with my daughter.

So when I heard that my favorite and trusted brand Lock & Lock is releasing a whole new range of pretty tumblers, I know I had to check them out.

Actually, I had to send my sister to go check them out. She took some photos on the event but none I can use here. Hahahaha!

Anyway, here are the other designs...

Super duper pretty. As in I can't decide what to get. All of them are awesome.

But aside from the pretty designs they are also of very high quality. Lock & Lock ba naman. I know that like me, Lock & Lock is one brand that we all trust when it comes to quality. Their tumbler line has triple air insulation to ensure heat reservation, a detachable filter for those tea loving or lemon water drinking people out there and of course a slim, lightweight design.

Really perfect. Plus you could get your tumbler personalized too.

A photo posted by Arvie Reyes (@arviereyes_) on 

My sister had hers personalized. Super cutie.

Aside from the tumbler line, they also launched a cookware line.

Tadah!! They did some cooking demo on the show according to my sister but I haven't seen them personally yet. I would let you guys know how it is once I checked it out. But for sure, it'll be awesome. Lock & Lock eh.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your tumblers now!

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