Bridesmaid And Wedding Preps

Another best friend will the tie the knot soon. Very soon. And as one of her best friends, I really make it a point to help her. Yeah! Bridesmaid much.

We all know how stressful it is to plan a wedding. Thinking of the theme. Deciding on the venue. Church? Beach? Garden? And the suppliers! Oh, don’t let me start on the supplier hunting.

I know how crazy it is. More than 4 years ago, our other best friend also got married. She was the first from our group, so we were all at lost. Plus she went to the States during the height of her wedding preps and we can’t afford to halt the preparations so we kinda took over. Tee hee!

I remember attending a dozen or so bridal fairs. Collecting flyers. Reading them up. Sorting them out. Then googling them to look for reviews or blogs or whatever. Then she would send out links so she could ask for our feedback and we would send out links for her to check out. Pandemonium!!!

Great thing my best friend is organized. I am very sure that if it’s MY wedding, I’ll be a bride-zilla! Harhar...

So now that another best friend is getting married, we were a bit more prepared. We kinda know the drill. And the best part is I discovered this awesome site that definitely made our lives a whole lot easier - Bridestory.

Dear future brides, you're welcome! *wink*

Imagine? It's like attending a HUGE Bridal Fair in the comforts of your home, in your jammies. I hope we had this site 4 years ago! Dear best friend, see this? We could've saved a lot of stress. Harhar! And maybe save a lot of trees. Remember all the flyers we kept and eventually throw out? Ugh!

Plus it's super easy to use too.

Just select the category, the country and city location and maybe your preferred budget - $, $$ or $$$. Then Bridestory would pull up all the suppliers you need.

I saw my best friend's bridal designer here too.

The wonderful Gretchen Pichay. Read about my best friend's review of this designer here.

The thing about Bridestory is that they have all the information you need. The different projects of the supplier/vendor. They have reviews. The pricelist is also there. Additional information. Contact information. All their social media account. Everything!

4 years ago we had to exhaust all our Google skills to get this much information about a specific vendor/supplier. But with Bridestory, its all here. And if you are a proud Bride, you could even feature your own wedding. So much fun.

I could imagine my best friend going tsk tsk. Bridestory is perfect for busy brides to be. Or for her case, those that need to go on a business trip at the height of their wedding preparations. Que horror!

Again, to all future bride readers – you’re welcome!

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