#WackyStill: Episode 1

Sunday, August 10, 2014
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Due to insistent public demand, ok fine! Due to my bestfriend's tireless pursuation, I decided to start up a new segment on this blog - #WackyStill.

You see, I have a very cute baby. Sooo pretty like a little princess. And extremely photogenic. Mana sa nanay. But! I guess namana din nya ang aking kamalasan sa mga wacky shots. I swear I have loads! Ewan ko ba. When I know I'm in front of the camera, I can pose and make arte like there's no tomorrow and I know when I'll have a decent shot. Actually, I look better in pictures. Pero pag mga stolen shots or wacky shots, hay naku! Wacky talaga! And I guess my darling little Skye is also like that.

So for episode 1, here's Skye on her muntik-na-kong-magulat-dun-ah! pose!

Hihihihi... Cute no?


Dear Darling,

Please don't get mad at nanay. Sabi nga ni Ninang, pwede pa namin i-post ang mga wacky shot mo kasi cute pa sya. No matter how wacky the shot is, you are still extremely cute and pretty. Pag 30 ka na hindi na natin magagawa yan. Hindi na natin pwede i-post ang mga picture na ganyan. Kasi kahit sandamakmak na IG filter ang gawin natin, hindi na sya magiging ganyan ka-cute. Hihihi.. I love you baby.


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